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Hey guys I just bought a 3ds xl and was thinking about what other games to purchase. I bought ocarina of time since i have never played a legend of zelda game and have heard nothing but good things about this title and i also bought luigis mansion dark moon because i enjoyed the luigis mansion on the gamecube. I have done some research and made a small list of games that interest me and was wanting some second opinions on it. The list goes
1. majoras mask (i am liking ocarina of time and know this is a classic as well)

2. a link between worlds ( wanting to get into more legend of zelda games)

3. super mario 3d land ( really enjoy the 3d mario games like 64 and super mario sunshine)

4. mario and luigi series (dream team and paper jam) (heard dream team was really good and paper jam looks fun as well though im not sure which is the best in the series)

5. fire emblem awakening (I have played this on my friends and i loved it)

6. pokemon (pokemon is awesome)

7. kingdom hearts dream drop ( i have fond memories of playing kingdom hearts though ive heard this one has an annoying mechanic that switches characters?)

8. fantasy life/ fune factory 4 (both of these seem like fun rpgs though seem very similar i wasnt able to tell a real difference)

9. dbz fusions (i like the dbz games and this seems like a fun turn based game ive heard)

10. animal crossing new leaf (ive heard mixed things on this game though i liked animal crossing on gamecube)

11. mario sports superstars (i love the mario sports games)

if anyone could give me advice on these games and maybe pick 3 or so to buy first it would be greatly appreciated. Also feel free to recommend and explain other 3ds games i didnt put on my list to me i am open to suggestions and i am looking to expand on my 3ds library. Thanks in advance for the help!

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