Black Knight

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Chapter 1:
Victor was a chosen hero for this century's demon waves. Demon waves first began when the first original first hero sealed away the great demon Astaroth for 3000 years. The hero used up all his power and left behind the goddess blade, which would be wielded again and again from century to century. When the great demon king was sealed away, the seal also affected hell as well, with its duration lasting for 100 years instead of 3000. Every now and then, the goddess blade would choose a hero that would seal up hell again for another 100 years, it is a never ending war.

For this century, Victor was chosen at birth by the goddess blade. His prestigious family wanted him to be even greater than the original hero, so they strictly forced him to take extra lessons and train even harder with Calvin. Calvin is the guardian angel of Victor who mentors him in various lessons of how to use the Goddess Blade yet he is the most caring person Victor has met in his life. However, Victor's life turned for the worst one day.

It happened when Victor was training out in the fields with Calvin. A demon then crawls out of the ground and it starts to attack the two of them even though the demon waves havent started yet. Strangely enough, the demon is seen bleeding heavily as he crawls out of the ground and hunks of flesh start to melt off of him. The demon somehow is powerful enough to break through the seal, but the side effects of crossing a spiritual barrier is that the demon starts melting alive from the holy power. The demon defeats Calvin with ease and it tries to murder Victor. This suicide mission was almost successful, but the demon died from heavy bleeding before he could suck out Victor's soul. As the demon dies, its dark energy mixed with Victor's soul and corrupted it. Victor's goddess blade turned into a scythe in the process, losing all of the holy magic put into it. Victor passed out and lays on the grass.

[Victor]: (Wakes up) Huh? Where am I?

Victor sees that he is in the medical room in his mansion and he sees several witch doctors around him. He sees his father and mother stare at him rather solemnly with Calvin smiling weakly and giving him a gentle wave. A witch doctor comes over to his parents.

[Witch Doctor]: I am sorry sir, but I am afraid there is nothing we can do now.
[Victor]: F-father? Mother?
[Father]: (Sighs) Don't call me father anymore... (Walks out of the room)
[Victor]: Father, where are you going? (Runs to him) Please dont!
[Father]: I SAID DON'T CALL ME FATHER! (Slaps him away) Don't you understand?! The world has no hero now! You are just as useless as a broken sword, you have no purpose in life anymore. Now get out of here, I dont want to see you ever again!

Victor runs out of the mansion. As he gets out of the mansion, he gets down on his knees and starts to break down. Calvin puts his hand on his shoulder and tries to comfort him. However, Victor takes off his coat and ties it to a tree like a noose.

[Calvin]: Master Victor, what are you doing?
[Victor]: I am a failure, Calvin..
[Calvin]: Master! Please do not!
[Victor]: I am a disgrace to the goddess! I can't seal away the demons with the goddess blade like this! Just let me fucking die!
[Calvin]: Master! (Pulls him down from the pedestal and consoles him as he is crying) Listen, you are not a disgrace, just because your soul has been tainted does not mean there is no reason for you to live on.
[Victor]: (Sniffs) What are we going to do? There is no Goddess Blade now and the world will fall..
[Calvin]: I promise we will find a way, just stay with me.
[Victor]: Promise?
[Calvin]: (Pats him on the head) I promise.

So, Victor and Calvin live together in a little cabin they built and when the demon waves arrived, they simply killed the demons over and over again to keep the population under control and to minimize casualties. Victor was hated by the villagers even though he is saving them since they call him a disgrace of a hero. But when Victor and Calvin are together, life was not so bad.
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Shit. I legit thought this was about the game Vigilante on TurboGrafx16. Fuckin love that game as crap as it is.

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California (Originally from Korea)
Chapter 2:
67 years have passed but Victor never aged due to the darkness slowing down Victor's aging process. He was pretty much immortal at this point as well as Calvin since he is an angel. The world seems rather darker than usual, but the two hunted the demons to keep them under control. One day, Victor and Calvin were going to the cursed forest to get rid of a ghost girl rumored to haunt the area.

(At the entrance of the forest)
[Victor]: So this is Rosie's Forest huh?
[Calvin]: (Teleports behind him) I am afraid so Master. I can sense the aura of the ghost here. This area seems to be infested with more demonic energy and her presence feels much more dangerous than I expected. Be careful master, she is constantly hungry.... Very very hungry...
[Victor]: Alright, I will be careful Calvin
(Calvin vanishes)

Level 1: Cursed Forest

You have to climb up the treetops to get past bottomless pits and there are plenty of areas where you can climb up to for secrets. As you go deeper into the dark forest, you start to see the rotting corpses of victims lured in the forest with their eyes being blank white. You eventually see a small book, containing journal entries scattered around the nearby cabins in the darker sections of the forest.

I had my first child here with my wife, it was the best thing that happened in our lives. Nothing would go wrong, I promise I would be the best father in the world.
I named my child Rosie, it was such a pretty name. We used to let her play with the forest creatures like elves and fairies, Rosie was living a happy life.
We were running out of food, so I needed to hunt for animals, but Rosie would not like it since the animals are her friends.
I was so goddamn hungry that I couldn't help myself but kill Boris, Rosie's bear friend and I had a nice meal without letting Rosie know.
Rosie eventually found the necklace she gave to Boris and she figured out that I killed him. Her cries would wake up my wife, so I shut her mouth. She bit my hand and started to scream even louder. I couldn't do anything else but to kill her to shut her up. My wife would find out about this, so I buried the body in the rose garden.
Its all over, Rosie has come back and she killed her mother already in vengeance. I don't want to d (The rest of the entry ripped)

As Victor got to the end of the forest, he could see a little girl in the middle of the circle of trees with giant red orbs of light circling into the sky. She turns her head 180 degrees as she notices Victor. Her face was extremely pale and her face was covered in stitches and her soulless black eyes stared deeply into Victor.

[Girl]: Ring around the Rosie.... A pocket full of posies.... Ashes..... Ashes..... And they all fell down.... (Stitches start to unravel and her grin widens)

(Boss battle: Rosie)
For this battle, Rosie will slowly walk up to you and bite off a chunk of your flesh. You have to attack her once she does a claw attack. Once she has taken enough hits, she will enter phase 2. In phase two, all of Rosie's stitches unravel and her skin on her head peels off like the petals of the flower. Her torso lengthens like a stem and several arms start to grow out of the torso like leaves. Her legs atrophy and she exposes her intestines that dig into the ground like roots.

In the 2nd phase, her claw attack is elongated and she spits acid at you. She is most open when she charges into by running with her root intestines. After you defeat her, she wilts away horrifyingly like an actual flower.

[Calvin]: (Teleports in front of Victor) Alright, lets seal up the evil here and we will be good to go, master.

As Victor and Calvin exit the forest, they hear an explosion coming from the nearby town.

[Victor]: What the hell just happened?
[Calvin]: I don't know, but an army of devils are being attracted towards it! (Points to the sky and sees several demons flying towards that town)
[Victor]: Well, lets get moving then!

When Victor and Calvin arrive, they see several demons murdering the soldiers of this town easily, so Victor has to fight his way through the demons.

Level 2: Burning Town
There is very little platforming, but you have to dodge the debris falling onto you. The demons seem to be carrying flamethrowers, so be wary not to get burned alive. This stage is very short and there is only one miniboss.

As Victor gets to the church, he sees a bunch of demons entering inside. The demons broke the Goddess Crystal off its stand and they go outside where a new wave of demons gather at. The demons then smash the Goddess Crystal and a white shining ball of light comes out of it. The white ball starts to suck all the demons' souls, leaving their corpses lifeless and the ball started to turn black. The ball filled with 500 demon souls flew up into the sky and the dark clouds swallowed it. A giant beam of darkness shoots down from the clouds and destroys the town square, obliterating everything in the blast radius.

Calvin saves Victor at the last moment by creating a forcefield around them for protection. As soon as the dust clears away from the blast, the two see a black pentagram circling on the ground. A person starts to crawl out of the pentagram and he had long black hair with extremely pale skin. His eyes were pitch black and he was very tall, he then smiled maliciously at Victor and Calvin.

[???]: (Cackles loudly) Oh yes... After 5000 goddamned years, I am finally free... (Looks at Victor) Why hello there you two, you might have witnessed the wonderful sacrifice my men made to bring me back.
[Victor]: Your men?
[???]: Indeed... And Victor, it seems that your soul is, how should I say it..... dirtied
[Victor]: Wait, how did you know about that? And how did you know my name?
[???]: (Chuckles) I see and know everything, I am god... Say, that goddamned Goddess Blade seems to also have lost its holy power... You must be a disgrace in my sister's eyes, aren't you?
[Calvin]: Wait a minute sir. You are her brother? Then that means...
[???]: Yes, I am the demon god, Astaroth. Well, Victor... Since you no longer are the hero, why don't you join me?
[Victor]: What the hell are you talking about?
[Astaroth]: Oh you know.... Have you ever felt that you wanted to be rule over others? Have you ever felt you wanted to get back at those who degraded you. If you join me, I can make you a king, you can have anything you want... How does it sound?
[Victor]: You expect me to accept that?
[Astaroth]: What?
[Victor]: I don't want to make people bow down to me as a ruler or kill the innocent, I just want the world to be cleansed of demons.
[Astaroth]: (Smiles darkly) How ignorant of you... You could have chosen to have a better life, but you refused... Very well then, I shall take this world for myself. (Snaps his fingers)

Out in the distance, a giant castle rises out of the pits of hell and rises into the sky with several chains on it. The sky starts to turn even darker and all of the world is shrouded in demonic energy.

[Calvin]: Oh no... This cannot be happening.
[Astaroth]: Oh not yet, young angel... (Levitates in the sky) I have yet to recover my full power and once I do, it shall be the end of the world. This castle signifies how far I am from reaching my full power and once it rises up to heaven, nothing can stop me... (Laughs manically and vanishes)
[Calvin]: Master Victor! We must not let Astaroth recover his whole power! He has powered up his demons all around the world and it will be much harder to keep them down. Every time an elite demon conquers over a piece of land, the castle will rise higher until it reaches Heaven.
[Victor]: What should we do then?
[Calvin]: We must kill the elite demons scattered around the world. That will make his castle fall back to hell.

Victor and Calvin see a giant dragon flying towards the mountains.

[Calvin]: That dragon must be one of his elite demons.
[Victor]: Maybe we should go to the train station in the town over there (Points to the town in the distance) that might be the fastest way to get to the mountains.
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