Breaking T Chisox Sugar Skulls Are Sizzling


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Contrary to the cynics among you, we haven featured every Breaking T White Sox design here at South Side Sox, for various reasons. But Ie never seen one more confounding than the Jos Abreu and Eloy Jimnez Sugar Skulls designs.That said, they are sort of insane, and I digging them. Definitely different.Celebrate the White Sox moments of your life with the entire Chicago W Collection at Breaking T, where you can peruse everything available. Or, if you want to read all my terrific catalog copy for each item, just scroll down and enjoy!If you scroll down far enough, I think you can see the original Yasmani Grandal Breaking T piece, Yaz We Can, which I think was pretty clever and should have pulled a lot of fans in with purchases. It was definitely different, as far as Breaking T fare. But I don remember it doing all that well, which was a shame. Maybe Yaz isn sexy. Walks aren, as someone on Twitter wants to tell you every day. Here another chance to wear your Yaz fandom, playing off of his casual drops on 400-foot blasts:Yasmani really is the bad boy of the White Sox Hel snark you. Hel roll his eyes. He not out to please anyone. He just gonna be a badass catcher who drops the bat after clocking one a mile, thank you very much.Holy man, that Field of Dreams game win was so big, Breaking T rolled out three shirts to commemorate it!The middle model even comes with TA t all over, baby gesture, which is fun.Well, that was a titanic, game-winning home run if ever there was one!Brian Goodwin told Cleveland to kick rocks, then sent a ball over the fence and his bat into orbit with his Sunday heroics, and Breaking T captures it in all its multicolored glory.In just his second game back after a season-long stint on the IL, Eloy Jimnez announced his presence in the White Sox lineup with authority Minnie Minoso Jersey, hitting a home run and providing whirling dervish defense in Tuesday win at K.C.Natch, Breaking T is here to celebrate the Big Baby return:It great to have Eloy back with the club in any capacity, and him starring in just his second game back is extra sweet. Now you can wear that sweetness!It was a quite a moment on Monday, seizing a win from the jaws of a doubleheader sweep. When youe running away with a division, tension can seem manufactured, but Len Kasper gave us a classic moment that our own Joe Resis likened to A.J. Pierzynski walk-off against the Dodgers during the 2005 season. Listen to Len last night:Here it is!

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