Lines Appearing on Game Boy Screen, but Only when Objects are Moving

David Bicer jr.

New Member
Game Boy
Good evening,

I own an unmodified DMG-01 console, and I am noticing lines appearing on the screen. However, instead of regular dead lines found on most Game Boys with this issue, these lines behave a little differently.

There is usually only one vertical line which appears at a time, appearing at around the 100th pixel from the left. This line does not appear when objects on the screen are stagnant, only when there is a lot of moving action on the screen. A good example of this is that the line only appears during the moving stages of Alleyway, but no other time whilst playing that game. Unlike normal dead lines, these lines go away when the contrast is turned to the extreme minimum and maximum. These lines are also much fainter than normal dead lines.

Does anybody know what causes this phenomenon, and if there is a fix for it?


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