My top 5 Mario Maker levels that i've played


Wii U
5. W4-1 Stromboli ShipYard by TyBeast
ID: 717F-0000-0160-0E97
This level has a small story to it. You play as a soldier, going through a large airspace and engaging BowserTech's inventions, such as cloned goombas, MechaKoopas, and you can even discover a coin-powered drone. This level has great design, giving you multiple paths to get to the end. The creator used comments to tell the story.

4. Mario Kart: 8-bit Bowser Castle by LuigiOmega
ID: EF7B-0000-0282-DA0F
Most Mario Kart levels are push right to win levels. This is different. You need to make some jumps to get to the end of the level. Note Blocks are used to simulate Mario Kart sounds, such as the starting noises and the noise you hear when you get a powerup. Overall this level is fun and creative.

3. you are bowser's prisoner by phillips
ID: 548B-0000-02AB-B18F
This is a super creative level. Like #5, this has a story to it, this time, based around the Mario universe. Mario has been captured by Bowser and must escape. Clever usage of Bob-Ombs creates intense chase moments where you run away from Bowser.

2. Mario Science Testing Facility by Squirrel
ID: 906D-0000-00C1-857A
This level involves trampolines. There are a few different rooms, each with a trampoline-related puzzle in them. You need to use trampolines to get to the warp pipe. The puzzles are so clever and challenging.

1. Bowser's Moving Arena by Nick
ID: D05D-0000-0091-FAB1
This level's creativity blows me away. It has you enter a warp pipe, leading to a moving arena with Bowser in it. There are no ways to kill him, so you have to survive until the end. Mushrooms will appear on tracks for you to collect. Even Bowser Jr. joins in on the fun. You can still kill him, though.

What are your top 5? Post them in the comments.

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