Path of Exile 3.15: Expedition Is Available On PC Platform | Here Are The Detailed Changes

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PoE 3.15 offers more PoE currency for gamers to gather more easily, cause Chris Wilson, the developer of Path of Exile from the studio Grinding Gear Games also admitted that peak concurrent players are 23% less compared to this game's all-time record.

The latest Expansion and update for the studio Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile went available last Friday with the name Expedition. It added a brand new activity where all Path of Exile gamers could excavate chests or/and monsters for loot along with buying or selling artifacts for rewards; for example, a lot of Path of Exile currency. However, the real issue is, it also brought about a ton of nerfs to flasks, mana, movement, Support Gems, and whatnot.

In a brand new Reddit article, the Grinding Gear Games studio co-founder and managing director Chris Wilson stated that peak concurrent gamers at release had dropped compared to the previous Expansion Ritual League, indeed. "To be honest, the number is that 23 percent fewer gamers joined us at release compared to our all-time record, and that is something we were prepared for. Apart from the normal variance between launches, we totally understand that Path of Exile had assorted changes in 3.15 and that is completely unnerving to some PoE gamers."

A lot of hotfixes have already been launched, from a fix to an updated new graphical bug that causes T-posing to buffs from the new Summon Reaper gem. The upcoming changes contain a display in vendor windows for the Path of Exile Expedition currency that players currently own; a fix where Alternate-art Flasks were not displaying on-screen; and so on. More importantly, Chris Wilson has already taken note of the feedback to mana cost multiplier changes, pointing out that they were "too extreme."

“Yep, they were too extreme, said the co-founder Chris Wilson, based on feedback as well as data, we are reviewing the mana cost multipliers once again and we will be reducing a lot of them, however, not all of them. While this would ease the influence on your mana by a moderate amount, the goal is still that mana matters a lot more than it ever did before." Ailment immunity from flasks, well, is also having its own duration increased from one second to four seconds. Arctic Armor is also being updated to offer Freeze Immunity. Plus, for those who hated the Goatmen from the buffed Act 1 that is super-deadly in the end-game, their Leap Slams and Molten Shell abilities will be nerfed.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like there will be an auto-pickup selection for the Artifact Splinters that drop after PoE Expedition encounters. Chris Wilson states the developer has already noticed that there are too many Splinters in the game currently and the studio will "be mindful of this for the design of future launches." Which is something that has been said for numerous Expansions right now so interpret that just as you will.

Path of Exile: Expedition will be available on July 28th, 2021 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. All you need to do is just stay tuned for more details and updates to this game in the upcoming weeks.

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