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You have so far been the only staff member i've seen on this site compared to any other fora i've been on. Pretty lonely here if you ask me.
yeah, im more or less an honorary moderator. The person who created this place has other sites but will answer if we need him. i am trying to be around more here lately. It has been busy between covid and hurricanes where i live. But i am a huge Nintendo fan and love talking games!
At this point what are the odds of a Amiibo adventure game. I have always held out hope for this type of game.
now this would be awesome. i have quite a few myself, and i wonder what will become of them
GAME BUIDER GARAGE WON'T DOWNLOAD ON MY SWITCHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3. Ravali:彼は、空中に舞い上がることを可能にする上昇気流を作り出す能力を持っています。彼はグレートイーグルの弓と爆弾の矢を持ち(グレートイーグルの弓は3本の矢を放ちます)、空中でバレットタイムの能力を持ちますが、馬力が低く、上昇気流のために45秒のクールダウンがあります。

4:Urbosa:彼女はScimitar of the Seven、魔女は25のダメージを与え、Daybreakerは、特定の距離内の敵を受け流し、衝撃を与え、5のダメージを与え、60秒のクールダウンで10秒間それらを驚かせます。 。彼女は通常の馬力を持っています。













Part 7

5: Daruk: He will have the boulder breaker, dealing 40 damage, but being slower because it is heavy, and have the ability to have a 3-hit sheild that blocks all attacks. Once the shield is gone, it will take 120 seconds to regenerate. He will have slightly above normal hp.

That's all I've got! I hope you think this is a good idea and add this into Breath of the Wild 2!

-Thanks, Th3Furret86.
Part 6

4: Urbosa: She will Scimitar of the Seven, witch deals 25 damage, and the Daybreaker, along with the ability to parry and shock enemies within a certain distance dealing 5 damage and stunning them for 10 seconds, with a cool down of 60 seconds. She will have normal hp.
Part 5

3. Ravali: He has the ability to create an updraft that allows him to soar into the air. He will have the Great Eagle bow and bomb arrows (the Great Eagle bow shoots three arrows), and have the Bullet time ability midair, but will have lower hp and have a 45-second cool down for the updraft.
Part 4

1. Link: He has the ability to do flurry rushes and has the master sword, which deals 30 damage, but doesn't have anything else and has lower hp.

2. Mipha: She has the ability to heal herself and other players, with a cool down of 90 seconds. She will also have the light scale trident, which deals 23 damage, and will have normal hp.
Part 3

You could also have a random chance for different locations, such as: Hebra, Eldin, Akala, Lanayru, or Faron to play in, each character having unique clothing depending on the temperature, or reacting to enemies having shock or ice weapons.


The following section will contain ideas for the characters:
Part 2

Cutscenes and Maps:

You could have somebody, such as Zelda or King Rhoam say something like: "Be careful. This mission will be dangerous. Protect the supplies at all cost!".