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Hello, been trying to
Find all over online..... I think I have something very rare. I’ve looked on google,eBay,Amazon,multiple gaming websites, nothing.... I have an unsealed gameboy color GRAPE, unopened with the original seels. I’ve found multiple atomic purple brand new gsmeboy color but could not find the grape
Color unsealed. Is this a rare item? Trying to find out if anyone knows out there
hi, sorry i must have put my response in the wrong place. I really don't know the value but have you tried twitter? I know a few people who do the retro stuff. Maybe look me up at DB12 and we can ask around.
I felt like changing the old status because the one I had before, while awesome, was too depressing.
You think $6 is cheap? I've bought Skylanders Superchargers for the WiiU for $5 new. Same with Mushroom Men for the Wii. :p