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Apr 4, 2016
Hey guys, anyone of you here have a capture card?
How does it work? Do I just need to plug it on my PC and start recording? I hear it requires a pretty beefy setup, but looking at the 3DS' resolution it doesn't seem so. I guess a decent hard drive would be enough?

I'm currently saving money for it. I want to buy one before Sun and Moon comes out, so I can record any crazy or epic moments (like a shiny encounter or some weird new mechanic) when I play. But it costs around $500 if I'm not mistaken so I don't think I can make it before the year ends. :(
I'll still do my best though! :D
If I was rich, I'd buy it for you.

So it's simple really: Make me rich and I'll buy you a $500 thing.
Perfect logic. Now why didn't I think of that?
Athough I wish I can do that. But then again, I'd just make myself rich! :p
thats the first i hear of this. What exactly is a capture card? I have a bunch of pics on my 3ds of my poor rabbit that died last year that i'd like to import on my computer. Yes I'm serious.
Capture Card - A device that allows you to record your gameplay videos to your PC. Some are internal, and some external. I already have one for my Wii U but it's an external device so it doesn't cost that much, unlike the 3DS capture card which is an internal one, hence the cost. :(
Man, it would be really nice to record your 3DS gameplay videos.

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