3ds Dragon Ball Z?


Oct 27, 2012
Is there ever going to be another DBZ game on a nintedo handheld? I remember Supersonic Warriors on the Game Boy Advance and its sequel on the Ds and they were really fun games.

Would you want another DBZ game? If so, what would you add to it, how many characters? Lol I'm getting excited just thinking about it.
I would honestly buy a DBZ game if it came out on the 3DS but only if it was like the Legacy of Goku I or II or Buu's Fury for the GBA. Those were the best DBZ games I've played. It was an RPG that went through the actual story line, including the movies sometimes.

It would be awesome if they made a 3DS version of that with improved graphics and a longer story line. They were really fun.
Wow! I had forgotten all about the Legacy of Goku series.Im not usually into rpg-like games but I did have a lot of fun,even though I died close to a thousand times.
I think it's getting harder to just find the Nintendo handheld in stores, let alone good retro games for it. Developers need to spend more time in making games and so they seem more likely to go wherever they thing the money is right now and nintendo handheld with games that have previously fallen flat isn't high on their priority list.

Here's hoping though!

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