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Oct 28, 2016
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My daughter loves our Wii U and has played through Yoshi's Wooly World, Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Bros. U. I want to get her a handheld for Christmas. I am aware of the potential problems with young eyes and 3D and plan to disable the 3D until she gets older.

However, which handheld to buy is what I am hung up on: 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL or the New 3DS XL

I can get a 2DS with Mario Kart 7 for around $70
I can get a factory refurbished direct from Nintendo 3DS XL for about $115
I can get a new 3DS XL with Super Mario World for $199

Price isnt too big of an issue but I dont want to spend money on features that may not be used and would rather get another game or two with the saved money. I already have two games for her, Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Bros 2.

Any advice?
The 2DS would be the most durable. I like the XL because it's bigger screens and slightly more spread out controls are better for me, but maybe she would like the smaller New 3DS non-XL? You can easily transfer the account to a different 3DS/2DS if you desire, i did thta when I upgraded from a black New 3DS XL to a Gold Hyrule Edition New 3DS XL. When she gets older she might want one themed after her favorite game. And there may be a proper replacement in a couple years that she may want to upgrade to.
i have the original 3ds and a new XL and i love the XL. The 3ds has such a tiny screen. I have no experience with the 2ds so I'm not sure about that one. i have barely been able to play in 3d ever, so maybe she just won't like it(using the 3d). Only a few games worked well with it for me.
Well, I have some experience with kids even younger than that that play games, and I know that a young family member of mine uses a 2DS quite a bit and they don't have any problems with it. They actually enjoy it just fine. I think you should maybe get her the 2DS even if you don't have any price problems since you don't have to worry about the 3D and it won't be too big of a loss if something happens to it, since it doesn't cost a whole lot. Plus, if she likes Mario, she will probably like the MK7 game and the design that comes with it.

However, another way of looking at it is you could also get either the normal 3DS or 3DS XL, or the New 3DS XL and it'll be there for a long time without really feeling like she's outgrowing it when she gets older. Also, I think the New 3DS can come with or can soon come with Super Mario 3D Land and a cool looking Mario design, so she might like that. SM3DL is kind of similar to SM3DW, but it has completely different levels and worlds from the one for the Wii U, and you can only play as Mario and then Luigi (after you beat the game).

Overall, though, its whatever you feel is right. It's your choice. With the 2DS you don't have to fear too much about it getting damaged or something, and with the 3DS/New 3DS you don't have to really worry about her outgrowing it really, not that you're worried about that. The 2DS is kind of more aimed towards 6-10 year olds because of the 3D thing and some other stuff, but its your decision.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll make a good choice either way. :)
Thanks for the input. Right now I am leaning towards the New 3DS from Target as it comes with Mario themed cover plates she will enjoy and Super Mario 3D Land. I already bought Super Mario 3D land but I can return it. I am going to take her to a couple of electronics stores today to see if we can demo the various models. I am mostly wondering about hand fit and how comfortable each model will feel. She has no problem with the Wii U Game Pad.
Uh, get a Mario 3D Land New 3DS. From experience, it's more comfortable than a 2DS or New 3DS XL, and the removable faceplates are fun. For example, maybe she wants her 3DS to be pink. Just buy pink faceplates for it in such a case. Add to that that it's an amazing deal at $150 with game and has faster processing than 2DS and Amiibo support.

Also, I have tried all three (2DS, New 3DS, New 3DS XL), and, although it's just my opinion, New 3DS is the most comfortable.

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