5 Must Have Games for SNES (No RPGs)


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Jan 29, 2014
I'm giving a gift to my god son (who has no experience with this system let alone knows it exists) & I figured I'd convert him. He enjoys superheroes so I've covered those bases with:





I wanted to give him ten in total & I thought these would be a great lure into the system itself. However, other than RPGs (I'm not biased I just feel they might be too much for a kid playing Little Big Planet), how can I mix this up with great games that can convert a kid jaded by today's graphics?
Those are five great games that you're gifting to your god son Joan!

I'll offer the following list of ten additional games that I feel fall within the same broad action adventure category, some involving superheroes and some not. If you feel that any of them are worthy and appropriate for your god son, feel free to seek them out to complete your set of ten.

1) Super Metroid:

2) Mega Man X:

3) Super Castlevania IV:

4) The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Based off the 1990's Animated Series):

5) Batman: Revenge of The Joker:

6) Super Star Wars:

7) Donkey Kong Country:

8) Spiderman (Based off the 1990's Animated series):

9) Spiderman & Venom: Seperation Anxiety (The sequel to the Maximum Carnage game, based upon the first Venom mini-series):

10) RoboCop vs Terminator:

There are of course others that I could mention in addition to those as well, but I believe that a subset of the above would complement the five excellent games that you're already planning to gift him quite well.
I completely forgot about the Batman games. Those would be perfect. They fit perfectly into his superhero obsession & mine quite frankly. Best. Superhero. Ever. Why? Because he's just a rich sad boy inside. :(
I love those picks so far especially Turtles in Time and aboleth_lich's suggestions were great as well. I recommend Earthworm Jim. It's not a traditional super hero game for sure but the gameplay is great and there are some great comedic moments as well.
There are a couple of other Batman SNES games in addition to those above, namely Batman Returns and Batman Forever, but they're not nearly as good as any of the SNES games mentioned above and are best avoided unless you're a major fan and avid collector of SNES and Batman alike!

Also, I whole-heartedly second the Earthworm Jim suggestion! :cool:
So, I completed the set with:





Wish I could have gotten more from @aboleth_lich but it would have been so much I could have gotten him 2 PS4s! Thanks for the help, you guys.
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That's a fine SNES starter library that you're gifting Joan! No true SNES library is complete without the likes of Donkey Kong Country, Turtles in Time, Maximum Carnage, or one of the Earthworm Jims!

(Although I now feel a wee bit bad about denigrating Batman Returns as a lesser Batman SNES game to be avoided! Honesty, that was a bit of an overstatement in retrospect! Batman Returns is all right. It's Batman Forever that's the true poor SNES Batman game!)
Well, you did end up helping me remember the several Batman games available on that console. I wish I could have gotten the BtAS but it was astronomically expensive. I got him both the Earthworm Jims. My initial post cleared the image (which I fixed hopefully).
I'm glad to see that I thought of one that hasn't yet been listed, but is universally loved.


This game is easy to get into, yet actually has a little bit of strategy involved with the types of courts. After all these years, it is still very satisfying to return serves, despite playing quite a bit like an arcade game. It is a perfect party game too.

I hope that has been helpful.
The SNES has an amazing library of games, besides all those classic rpgs. If I have to recommend 5 must-have games to someone that is planning on getting into the SNES, these will be the ones I'd recommend:
  1. Castlevania IV - Konami
  2. Demon's Crest - Capcom
  3. Ninja Warriors Again - Taito
  4. Super R-Type - Irem
  5. ActRaiser - Quintet / Enix / Squre Enix
The above games are predominantly action games, with Super R-Type being a horizontal shooter and ActRaiser having some 'God' simulation game elements. Ninja Warriors Again is a favorite of mine, it's just one of those games that many folks don't even know that it exists. But it's one of the most compelling side-scrolling / beat 'em-ups ever made, worth a play at the very least.

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