Age requirement for 3DS?


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Jul 13, 2013
Do you guys think there should be an age requirement for the 3DS? I know on the box there is an age requirement (I think). But I want to know what is your opinion with what should be an age where kids should be able to play the 3DS freely. The only thing that concerns me is the damage it could cause to eyes...
The damage it can cause to eyes is the reason there is an age requirement. Other than that there is nothing. I think it is reasonable.
I don't think that a certain age is what matters here, but rather a certain attitude. You need to be aware of how to properly use it and all the risks involved with it. You can have a reasonably responsible 5 year old, or you can have an irresponsible 6 year old. It doesn't matter how old you are here, but rather how well you understand what you are doing, so I think that the current recommended age is fine, but more should be done to educate the children that could be using it.
I'm not a medical expert, so I'm not entirely sure what age is best for the 3D screen. The nice thing about the 3DS is that you can turn down the intensity of the 3D visuals. I don't usually turn them up too high because they tend to bug my eyes and make me feel kind of dizzy. I think certain games should maybe have an age requirement. Maybe not specifically for the 3DS but in general. The console itself should be fine for players of any age, as long as they understand it is an expensive electronic that won't fare well if it is thrown around or spilled on.
Don't you think they should increase the age requirement? At least by two years and let them play with a DS Lite? Even for my age my eyes get very watery or weirded out after a while of gameplay. If my eyes get strained I am pretty sure worst damage would be done to the poor kid!
I think the age requirement should be 8 to 10 to be honest. I have a 3DS and at 23 years of age, the 3D bothers my eyes after about 5 to 10 minutes of use, depending on the game. So now, I just keep the 3D off. There is a parental lock on the 3DS that allows parents to disable the 3D all together so their kids can play the 3DS and 3DS games without the damaging 3D effect. This is great and it's what my brother does for his kids who have 3DSes. I think it was a really smart move on Nintendo's part to add in some form of parental control on the handheld knowing little kids would want to get their hands on it and knowing the damage it could do to their eyes.

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