Airport Racing (Mario Kart-like 3D Racer) [Free] [Android]


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Airport Racing Android game (Mario Kart-like Racer)
Hey everyone! I wanted to show you Airport Racing, which is a 3D racer game.
-Some of the mechanics are drifting, clashing and item pickups.
-9 airport vehicles (with their own categories and stats)
-4 circuits inspired by airports in different locations (Forest, tropical islands, etc.).
The game is inspired by games like Mario Kart and Crash Nitro-Fueled. I developed it as my final project in uni and now I would like to share it so you can play it and tell me what you think if you had the time.
Here's a short gameplay trailer:

Google Play:
Airport Racing - 3D Racer - Apps on Google Play
I also developed Airport Masters. It is an airport challenges game. 10 short challenges to complete in a few seconds.
(I'm still developing the sandbox mode)
Google Play:
Airport Masters 3D Challenges - Apps on Google Play

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy them! Any feedback is more than welcome