Best amiibo to unlock more features in Wii U games?


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Apr 26, 2016
The only amiibo I've bought is Fox's, and despite loving its appearance, I somewhat regret choosing that one because of how poorly supported it is (the only two major games I can use it in are Star Fox Zero and Super Smash Bros.).
So, now I'm considering buying another one, and I'd like to know which one I should buy to make the most out of it. I think Mario amiibos are the best supported ones, but what about the others?
(I have a preference towards Zelda and Fire Emblem amiibos, and it would be ever better if they were supported by 3DS games, as well)
Yeah, Mario and Link are by far, the most useful, in my opinion.

Link is also compatible with that new upcoming Zelda game. He gives you arrows.
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I actually think the Fox one is one of the best as the SNES Arwing and SNES music is awesome.
I actually think the Fox one is one of the best as the SNES Arwing and SNES music is awesome.

Yeah, I'm not saying it's bad, it's just that it doesn't have many use outside of Starfox or Smash, as previously mentioned. I actually love it, especially since it's one of the best made ones (also hardly has any production defects).
I hate the Fox design with his clown shoes. I just like what he unlocks. In terms of just design Mega Man,Roy,Shulk and Ryu are very well done. I honestly don't care about use I just like them as figures.
Hey, guys. I have also been pondering about buying amiibo. Should I get any of the Splatoon amiibo? I really like the gear that you can get with the squid. Are the missions that they give you fun? The only thing is that the squid is $20 on amazon, while the Inkling girl is $5.11 and the Inkling boy is $11.45. I wonder why the Inkling girl is so cheap... Of course it has to be the one that I want the least lol! :LOL: