Best fighting game on the SNES


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Jul 9, 2013
For me, it will always be Street Fighter 2, but Fatal Fury and Mortal Kombat were also runners up in my opinion. I remember that I had to buy Mortal Kombat for both the genesis and the SNES cause Nintendo cut out all of the blood and gore. I think it's funny how that was such a big deal back in the day and now it's hard to find a game without blood and gore, LOL.
Back in my old school days, the toy shops would have demo SNES units and the two most common games were MKII and SF2Turbo. Used to spend my lunch hours hanging out in those toy shops; it was winner stays, loser goes to the back of the queue.

MKII was the better game, on the SNES at least. There was more depth in knowing all the fatalities, animalities, friendships etc., as well as just the special moves. There was one kid who played Shang Tsung to perfection – not only with morphs suitable to the opposing character, but could even beat them while holding down low punch for the whole round, for the Kintaro fatality. It was also one of the first popular fighters to make combos possible and popular, before MK3 and then UMK3 took that idea to its ultimate (and slightly ridiculous) conclusion.
Mortal Kombat 2 is probably my favorite on this system, mainly because I remember the feeling I got when I first purchased it. I literally spent hundreds of hours playing that game. Killer Instinct was another good one on the SNES. Weaponlord was perhaps my second favorite. The only thing that kept me from liking that one more then MK2 was the frustration factor, and the overly complex fighting system at times. Super Double Dragon is another classic, though you may not consider that a fighting game.
I have to say Killer instinct, I had mortal combat for the SNES, but all my friends had it On the genesis and I felt like a loner. Killer instinct was amazing, it showed them genesis kids wasup! Although we were only like, 5, so my parents didnt like us playing violent games. We hardly understood anything at the time other than in genesis it spurts blood with the code, and on SNES it doesn't. Blood was cool when I was 5..