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Jul 24, 2013
Wii U
Hey guys, I'm brand new to this forum, and I wanna ask you guys, what are the must have games for the Wii U? I'm getting New Super Mario Bros. U with New Super Luigi U. Other than that, I really dont know what to get until all the titles for e3 get released. So, any tips? Thanks :)
When pikmin 3 comes out in the next week or so, that is a must have.Zombi U is a good game for any true survival horror fan. Other than that, there really isn't that much..
At the moment there aren't that many 'must have' games to be honest, but there are some interesting titles coming up like Pikmin 3 and later on the new Zelda game and Super Smash Bros.
At this point the WiiU is just really getting their legs under them so "must haves" aren't actually a thing. That said, as summer ends and Christmas approaches you're going to see a lot more titles come up. Also 2014 looks like it's going to be a very good year.
Really the must have is the Pikmin 3 game...That's the only game that in worth notice for the Wii U beside the games you said. There are other mario games coming but it will be a while.

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