Best Nintendo Switch First Party game poll

What is the best first party Nintendo Switch game?

  • Fire Emblem Warriors

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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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  • Splatoon 2

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  • 1-2 Switch

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  • Pokeen Tournament DX

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  • Snipperclips - Cut it out, toghether!

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  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Oct 23, 2017
What do you think is the best first party title by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch? Answer in this poll. I did not include Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle as it is made mainly by Ubisoft, and also I included all Nintendo first party titles that are either coming out real soon or are out now including eShop only games (I am not including games in the poll that are announced but won't be out until sometime in 2018).
The choices in the poll are listed in no specific order.
I listed as many options in the poll as I was allowed to, and was unable to add all titles as options, but listed all the most popular first party titles from Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.

Feel free to discuss below your reasons for voting for a certain game, the polls current vote results, etc. in a reply to this topic if you want to.
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Having played a ton of Mario Odyssey by now I can safely say it's the best game on the console, first or third party.
@GunGunW I got Super Mario Odyssey on its release date (and got my switch on its launch date back in March) and I agree. I am currently in the metro kingdom and am so far very much enjoying the game and can see why it's one of the currently most popular games on the switch. Also I bet you can guess what I voted for in my poll.
I beat the main storyline last night, but there's still a ton of post game content to do. That's honestly what I was looking forward to the most.
@GunGunW You already beat the main storyline?!?!? Wow, good job! I am getting close to that point, but haven't been able to spend a ton of time playing, but am wanting to beat the main storyline at some point soon. Like you, I will be then going back into the game after beating the main storyline to explore each kingdom and do all the hidden challenges and activities within each kingdom.
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I personally can't vote being that I just got a switch three days ago. The only game I picked up right away was Zelda. That being said, I am loving Zelda and I hear great things about Mario. So far the Nintendo Switch is a huge win with just those two games. I can't wait to play all the great games coming to this console.

P.S. Not an exclusive, but just downloaded Stardew Valley in case I need a small break from Zelda once in awhile lol.

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