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Nov 24, 2013
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I went up into the rafters yesterday to pull out some of my old gameboys for the kids. I was able to find one of each one and about 30 games. They all charged right up and worked great.

After trying them all again I think my favorite one is the Micro. I have to admit that I never really cared for the Micro when it was new. But it just fits in your hands so nicely and the screen is so bright and clear. Its only downside is not being able to play gameboy games. BTW, one of the gameboy advance cartridges I found was one I bought at the swap meet about 10 years ago. It has 106 games on it! It turned the gameboy Micro into a mini video arcade.

So in your opinion, what is your favorite Game Boy Advance hardware?
I think Nintendo DS was my favorite GBA-capable system. It was the first one that finally got the screen backlighting right.
I loved the GBA SP. It was the first handheld that I ever bought for myself (instead of them being given to me for Christmas or whatever), and I'd never used anything with a hinged screen before. It also added a backlight, which was exactly what was needed at the time.

I think the DS deserves a mention since you could have a GBA game tucked away in addition to your DS game, but it never felt right playing GBA games on it.
I agree. The micro is my favorite too, even if it is really small.
The SP was the best of them all and it's clamshell design was really sweet. It made it super portable and generally was nicer to look at.
THE SP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really loved the aesthetics of the original GBA when it came out, but still think it looks cool to this very day. The GBA Sp with it's clamshell design was a significant improvement though. Not only did it look more high-end and sophisticated but the screen was reasonably protected. The ultimate GBA machine is probably the DS (if that counts) as one can play both GBA and DS games with superior display technology.

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