Broken 3ds


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Jul 24, 2016
Wii U
My 3ds broke and we already disposed of it. I also recently got the new 3ds xl. I know I need to call Nintendo to transfer my friend code but I was wondering about the games on my old 3ds's sd. My friend has a 3ds so he said I can use his for the transfer but we only want to transfer the games on the sd card and nothing else. Is that possible?
You would have to call Nintendo and be able to prove you had owned the previous 3DS. All the games on the SD card are encrypted and can only be played by the original console. If you have both consoles you can perform a transfer, but without the older console you need to contact Nintendo.
Well that is the thought that went through my head right when you said you disposed of it. They will want to know that you had the older one if you want to transfer, which sounds like a hassle but I do not think it should be. I have never had to do it though so I really do not know. Best of luck to you and I hope that it all works out.

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