Can only afford one 3DS game to start out. What should I get?

Feb 17, 2013
east coast
Hey so a friend says they're going to give me their 3DS and I can only afford one game. I'm into RPGs and adventure games and fighting games. What do you think I should pick up? I don't really know the 3DS catalog at all but I might as well snag a game since I can afford to buy one.

The only one I'm thinking of in particular is Pokemon Black 2... but I don't know.
You should get ocarina of time. It's the deepest most immersive game on the 3ds IMO. And it has the master quest game built in so when you finish the game you still have a whole new game to play through
Well if you've already played OTT to death on the N64, skip it, it's cheap nowadays anyway if you can spend $40 on a new game and like MMORPGs and games similar to Phantasy Star Online, definitely check out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. :) Pretty good game IMHO. If you want a more action-oriented title and you're familiar with the Resident Evil series get Resident Evil Revelations. Or you can get Metal Gear Solid 3D: snake eater.