Could Nintendo create a new model of the Gameboy Advance?

mr bullgod

Jun 7, 2023
United States of America
Game Boy Advance SP
I think Nintendo should introduce a new generation of Gameboy Advance SP. With what I paid for my AGS-101 including Pokémon Ruby I could have purchased a Nintendo Switch; however, I tried playing a Switch one time at a friend's house and I just didn't like how the controller felt in my hands. The SP feels much more comfortable/natural. Basically, what I'm imagining is a Gameboy Advance SP on steroids. I can think of multiple features which could be included with a new generation of Gameboy which should be similar to the SP (I like how it flips open [I have never played a DS so I'm not sure how I feel about having 2 screens]) ...
  • new generation of GBA games (forward/backward compatibility?),
  • noticeably larger dimensions,
  • carrying case,
  • scratch proof/shatter proof screen
  • unbreakable/indestructible (shatter resistant/drop proof),
  • waterproof/water resistant,
  • faster charging,
  • extended battery life,
  • USB charging (adaptable with PC/wall charger/solar power bank [for solar charging]),
  • wireless charging (they have that for cell phones),
  • compatibility with all GB/GBA/SP game cartridges,
  • internet (Wi-Fi),
  • Bluetooth,
  • high definition
  • cell phone synchronization,
  • system clock (automatically adjusts to time zone) including stopwatch and timer,
  • achievements/trophies,
  • backlit screen (obviously),
  • adjustable brightness (the AGS-101 already has two settings),
  • improved graphics (for certain games [some could be backwards compatible]),
  • I can imagine scrolling through a list of installed games on a SP. This idea is kind of crazy, but what if games could be installed on the device? Perhaps game cartridges could include a serial key which somehow locks the cartridge to your device by connecting to the internet and verifying that you own the game so that the cartridge can't be installed on multiple devices (e.g., borrowed and installed on another device and then returned to the previous owner).
  • make new old school games again!
Why not re-release the SP (at least as how they were already made)? It makes sense to me that a few improvements/new features could be included. I'll bet if Nintendo made GBA games again they would sell.

Thank you for reading. What are your thoughts?
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Or they could just make the Switch more portable.
While this would be great, I don't think that Nintendo would ever consider this. Besides, most of these things are accessible by modding your system.
Damnit. I've been planning on upgrading my GPU, but now I'm thinking I may want a Nintendo Switch Lite.
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I purchased the new GPU. I might buy a Nintendo Switch Lite someday.

(I upgraded from a GTX 1660 Super to a RTX 3060).
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