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Jun 22, 2013
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Which of the dancing games on Wii do you like best? Within the Just Dance series which number (or artist) did you like best? I was living in Alaska last year with three little kids. Dance games like that got us through the winter. You can't send them outside to play when it's negative fifty and they still need some exercise. As a result the dancing games still hold a very special place in my heart.
I never really got into the dancin games that much, I'm probably the least flexible person in the world, so dancing really isn't my cup of tea.
I actually really enjoyed the various editions of Just Dance, but in the Wii version it was so easy to cheat with your wrist that I sort of decided that Kinect should be the platform of choice for dancing games. Now that Kinect 2 is announced, things should really pick up on the dancing game front.
We need a new music game with DK bongos + kinect! Now that would be entertainment.
The dancing games are surprisingly good cardio. I suppose it depends on your fitness level, but it's really no different than a regular workout. It's a bonus if you're into the music on the games, but I find they're mostly hit and miss for me.
For me, it's just too much work. Besides, I don't like to dance in real life, so dancing for a video game really isn't my cup of tea. But i do like to watch other people play these games. They get so competetive, it's pretty funny.
I never thought I'd be a fan of the dancing games on Wii considering that I don't really like to dance in real life either, but I have to say my mom just recently bought the Michael Jackson the Experience game this past month and I have been addicted to it. At first I was like I think I'll just have fun watching my mom and my brother play this game, but I ended up getting curious enough to try it and have been addicted ever since. Its such a great game to dance to and you work up a sweat especially if you really get into it.

Every since playing that game I have gotten curious about the other dance games that are out there like Just dance, it must be just as fun. I would definitely like to try it out.
Out of all of the just dance games I really enjoyed just dance 4 I think it was. I think that is the one that has call me maybe. I just love that song and I just enjoy dancing to it. Normally on a Sunday I just get the kids over and we play just dance for the whole day. Its really a lot of fun!
Dancing games always seemed like a lot of fun to me, but I don't think I'd survive one try. I'm an awful dancer, I'd probably break my leg or hurt someone else :D
So far, I still think Just Dance 2 is the best. I enjoyed most of the songs, and it had a good selection to choose from. Even the more classical songs like "Dogomba" and "Iko-Iko" are extremely fun and creative, making it easier to want to come back and play again!

I also play Just Dance 3 daily, but there are roughly 10 songs from there that I actually enjoy. Most are just not to my preference for dancing music, but I bored myself with Just Dance 2 and needed something different.
You know, I love all the them so it would be hard for me to choose. For the most part, they are all good games. I love paying them all, and i'll pretty much dance to any song. So, there isn't one that I like more because of the music. I do love playing them at parties, there are so many people who get afraid to play though because they don't want to look dumb.
My favorite one is Just Dance 2014, Just thinking about memories, I loved every song and I know all the steps of most of the songs, because I used to play it a lot with my friends, my favorite song was Troublemaker. Anyway I'm waiting for Just Dance 2016, It's going to be awesome.

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