Do you lose your mii in a miimote/repair help

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Apr 25, 2017
Hey my Wii stopped reading disks so I replaced the laser lens only to find that the disk wouldn't go in all the way. After fiddling with it, it magically started accepting disks. I was delighted until I quickly realized the disk was not spinning. In frustration I put it together and plugged it in. New error, still doesn't read.

Anyways, my Wii is full of memories that my family shares. I came across a working Wii for $30 at thrift shop and bought it on half price day. I have heard that you can transfer game data on an SD card and miis on a wiimote, however if these things could be clarified (namely, do you lose them off of one wii?, As well as the general processes, that would be great as well as if anyone has any repair ideas for my original Wii)
Some games that connect to the internet, like Smash bros, cannot be transferred. If you hack your Wii it may be possible to do a full backup and restore to a new one, but I don't know the full details.

The easiest solution would be to get a used Wii U and do a system transfer.

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