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Jun 27, 2016
Similar to the GBA Bucket list I made, make a bucket list for the DS games you wanna get before its too late.

unlike the GBA, there's not much that I want for the DS, though I still want them....

1. Meteos
2. Sonic Rush Adventure
3. Kirby Super Star Ultra
4. Metroid: Prime Hunters
5. The legendary starfy
6. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

That's pretty much it......I just don't know how I can get Rush Adventure as I tried to get it several times but missed it.
I want Corpse Party and the new Pokemon Sun/Moon when it's out. Those are my only wishes so far :love:
Sanic Chranicles? Why that RPG?

.....meh, I kinda expected that kinda comment.

To be honest, I don't know myself. I just thought about wanting to try it since I heard its actually a good game and more meaningful than the Boom ones out there.

Some more in the bucket list that I ought to add
both the Advance Wars DS games

And I gotta ask, is it worth getting Shadow Dragon? I hear that people have issues with that game.....
Well I am getting pretty close to having played them all, but I still need the Sonic Chronicles one. I have seen it and it looks pretty cool but I have yet to actually play it, but I have also heard some good things so I know that I will find the time before it is too late. All it is going to take is one road trip and a quick borrow from someone. Thanks for sharing.
Sonic Chronicles is a meh game at best. The combat can be satisfying with the clever use of the touch screen controls.

The only things that drag it down is the god awful soundtrack, the choice of moving around with the touch screen, horribly linear story, and how goddamn broken the combat system is.

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