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Nov 24, 2013
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I picked up a Wii U for my son for this Christmas and have a few questions.
1. Will I be able to transfer the purchases of virtual classic games from his Wii to the new Wii U? And also the saved data of his games?
2. Is the Gamepad capable of playing games without the Wii U? Can he take the Gamepad out of the house or in the car and play games on it like a GameBoy?

there is a program to download which will transfer everything to the wii u. game saves and all. there is basically a wii inside the wii u.

i had 2 problems with the transfer:

it leaves the old wii blank, as in all purchases and saves are completely moved over not copied over

vc games are not all playable on the gamepad. for example i had donkey kong and pacman. they are available on wii u's vc, but i would have to pay $1 to transfer to the wii u (which would make it playable on the gamepad.) i can still access all the games, just not to play on the gamepad.

just a couple minor personal quirks, but still very worth the transfer/upgrade. hope this helps
Actually, this is a good selling point for the Wii U. It always frustrated me when I purchased a new system, and lost the ability to play my old games. Playstation had the right idea when the PS2 came out, yet they failed to do so on the PS3. Kudos to Nintendo on this one.

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