Fighting games for the Wii U


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Jul 11, 2014
I'm looking to get into some fighting game with my friends and I have a hard time picking something. Or rather, I have no idea what fighting games are available at the moment for Wii U. Earlier I liked mostly Tekken and some Soul Calibur. 2D fighters like Street Fighter and KoF were never really my thing but I have played some Marvel vs Capcom and liked it. What are my options at the moment? Until a solid title comes out I'm also willing to try out other stuff in the meantime.
Tekken Tag 2, Injustice, and the upcoming smash are pretty much your only options right now. I would heavily suggest tekken tag 2 but I'm pretty bias.
Tekken tag was bad ass , you know I dont know whats the situation with Capcom since there for sale now and Nintendo IMO needs to jump on that , imagine Street fighter becoming an exclusive.

I also heard that WiiU is getting another DBZ game but those games always get the crap end of the deal on the nintendo
I really enjoyed Injustice, and I have hopes for the next Smash Bros on Wii U. Injustice is just as much a campaign as a game with a awesome story that intertwines multiple heroes. I mostly play it on PC, but I own the Wii U version too.
You can wait for Smash 4 to release.
I think that I would have to check out Tekken on the WII U. I am accustomed to playing on the PS but I have not gotten a PS4 as yet and I like having the WII U so I think that I would get this and see how it goes.
Soul Calibur is seriously an incredible classic: I just have so many memories with that game, and it's still so fun to play! One of my favorite fighting games for the Wii U, would have to be the new Super Smash Bros; there are so many great new characters in the game: Lucario, Yoshi, Sonic, Pac Man, and Mr. Game & Watch are some of my ultimate favorites!
Well Smash brothers is another good one. I am really looking forward to getting my copy and playing against some of you on that game.