Free Wii U game with Mario Kart 8


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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
Did you guys see about this? supposedly if you buy and register MK8 by a certain day, you get a free wii u game (of a select few of course.) This is very nice, i think i might take the opportunity to check out Pikmin 3

you can get WWHD, Pikmin 3, NSMBU, wii u Party.

not bad
These are all great games actually.
Great deal!
I love how the Internet makes it easy to find such wonderful deals without searching too much.

When I was young, we all just bought everything for the price stated. It was major luck to get a game on discount :D
i figured everyone'd love it, besides who on this site ISN'T getting MK8, you know?
You can also pick from Monster Hunter, Wonderful 101, Game & Wario, Sonic Lost World, and another Sonic and Mario Olympics game that is probably not worth your time. There's also Nintendo Land, but I don't know why anyone would pick that.
all apologies, averus. look on the bright side. when you get your wii, the games will be so much cheaper and you can clean house. good luck on the Galaxies
My roommate just did this deal I believe! He picked The Legend of Zelda: Wind Maker. He was super excited about it / I'm not going to lie I am too :p It's a pretty awesome incentive, aka two for one type situation. I love Mario Kart 8, so I'm hoping Wind Maker is just as good!
They are really building up hype for the Wii U. It looks like Nintendo's business strategy got some revamping and it's doing them some good.
Not to mention that you can pick up the Mario Kart 8 collection which comes with a 'free' Blue Shell figurine!
Does anyone have a link to some more information about this? I just bought MK8 two days ago, haven't gotten to play it yet though. :(
I would buy the Wii U for the sole reason of playing Mario Kart 8. :D But it seems like Nintendo is really trying to push the Wii U onto more people. Don't they seem like they're trying a bit too hard? People are saying the Wii U is becoming the next Virtual Boy, and I kinda see where they're going with that. :3
I know what you mean. My friend got one just for MK8 and we are having so much fun playing it at his place.

And yeah, of course they're trying hard to sell it, since it's not a smash hit like the Wii was. Calling it the next VB though is just ridiculous and disconnected from reality. It's already behind the PS4 and will at this rate fall behind XBone too, but it's not a complete failure. It would be a much better comparison to call it the next Gamecube.
So, I got my free game. It was Pikmin 3, and I'm pretty happy about that.
Got WWHD , but I still want a hard copy of it and funny thing is that I got the WW WWiiU editon so I still have my WWHD digital copy...because I could not find the code for it so I thought Nintendo jipped me haha

Maybe in the future Ill hold an event of sorts and winner gets a copy of wind waker

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