Game Boy specification datasheet

Lionel Rosen

May 22, 2020
If anyone were curious. This is the datasheet specification for the original GameBoy as designed by 新子所

Some people were having trouble pin pointing the exact CPU. Mostly emulation designers.

Thought this was cute!

Originally filed for patent in 1988. Which shows how patient Nintendo is.
I made this post as this is the designated chit-chat section and I assumed it were not disrespectful in nature.
There are some that misrepresent the chipset on YouTube as the Z80, which is inappropriate. The instruction set specifications more closely resemble that which I described above.
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Nice, patents are interesting to read. Nintendo files a lot of patents with interesting gameplay ideas even if they're never used.
Furthermore, It can be deduced from the variety of patents filed under Mr. 岡田悟 [Satoru Okada, Okada Satoru in JP as surname reversed] that his specialties lied in mechanical engineering and design. He is co-signed on the specific patent relating to GameBoy. The alternate signer and with fewer patent listings is Mr. 子所新 [Shin Kojo] and it could only be surmised that he is responsible for aesthetics of plastic casings, as per his previous listings.

The patent with dual signers initially filed in 1988 shows elaborate diagrams of the programmatic structure of the device and its clever memory management systems. So it could be theorised that these two are actually responsible for the device in whole. In defiance of public opinion.


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