Gameboy Linking


Feb 16, 2013
One of the things I hated most about my beloved handheld was the linking. You wanted to wirelessly trade? Prepare to cram the things up close together and try not to move while it's happening, because for some reason or the other the link will fail. You can't set them on a table, the teacher will see and take them.

Or your batteries cut out right in the middle of the trade - had it happen once I was trading my Mewtwo over from Red to Yellow, using my brother's gameboy, and his batteries died just as the trade was finishing - and boom - no Mewtwo on Red, and it surely isn't on Yellow. Crap.

Or whe the batteries died at all for that matter. The Colour was a hog, I swear. Anyone else got anything gripes or thoughts about the infared wireless on the gameboy?
I honestly can't relate to you because I never got the chance to link my game boy with other gamers, sad isn't it. I wish I got the chance but nobody I knew had the linking cables.
This brings back so many memories. I was very frusterated when I got a linking cable because it did not work! I tried trading pokemon between my friends but it wouldn't connect. But I do not remember I could do this wirelessly... Hmm maybe I was out of the loop for this one. I wish I could of gotten the cable to work once in my life so I could trade Pokemon.
Game Boy Color did have a wireless port, but it definitely wasn't used for trading Pokemon or any sort of other linking. It was simply a port they included for future uses, and it may have been totally unused.

Real wireless linking didn't start happening until the Game Boy Advance came out, and you needed to buy a special adapter for that.
I never had this issue - I did have Pokémon change mysteriously into completely different Pokémon, but overall I never suffered from SBD or whatever. I guess I got a good cord or something. I certainly never traded wirelessly. Was it even possible to do so?
Ah the joys of infrared. At least you didn't need the link cable for it. And besides, you actually had someone to trade with. Things are different now I guess with the advent of the 3DS where you can just use the internet to trade, but I think that it's a change for the better really. Some people just don't have friends with similar interests and this just lets you access other people that you would have otherwise never been able to meet.
I never had any of these issues with linking... It really wasn't that frustrating.
I never had any problems with linking. You just had to make sure your batteries weren't low on life and you were properly connected. Also, if you're trying to trade during class and get caught that's your own fault lol. Anyway, I loved being able to trade and battle with my friends on my copy of Pokemon Blue. We probably spent countless hours just on the battling and trading portion of the game.

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