Gamecube Analog Stick

Feb 23, 2014
The analog stick on my gamecube controller quit working, letting me move forward but not run forward. Everything else about the controller works fine. So, I got a third party controller, a Pelican. This controller is great except that the analog stick has way less resistance than the standard controller. Is there any way to add resistance to the new controller's analog stick ? How much would a replacement analog stick for a gamecube controller be ? And where would I get one ?
I always try to buy the official controllers. Not because I'm a snob but because it seems like they stand up to the test that is time and sweaty hands angrily playing video games that are frustrating. eBay seems to have a lot of adult owned controllers. I think colour may be an issue. The one's for sale cheap are usually a yellow or purple or other colour that is not black. Case and point. Here's the cheapest BIN option:
So do I, but I'm on a website where you earn points for doing survey and can then get items with the points. The Pelican controller was the most recent thing I got. Like I said, except for the extremely sensitive analog stick, it's a great controller. Is there any way to increase the resistance or replace the stick with one from a real gamecube controller ?
Analog sticks are about the most intricate part of a controller, and Pelican for obvious reasons simply did not invest as much in designing theirs as Nintendo did with the real thing. The quality of the stick is not something you can adjust or calibrate yourself.

Do yourself a favor and buy a real Nintendo controller. You can get a used one on eBay, as suggested above (and I love the indigo color, by the way) or import a new one from Japan, although that will cost considerably more.
I'm going to be putting up a Gamecube controller repair guide on my website. So you can fix the controllers.
I suggest cleaning the inside of the controller first before buying a new one.
I have an indigo one with a visable back, wich makes me see if it is getting dirty or if something isnt working properly.
To be honest a new one could be a better idea because it might be the controller itself wich isnt working properly and cant be repaired but Im not really sure about the situation.

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