GameCube case damage


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May 23, 2020
so i decided i wanted to buy my first gamecube a couple weeks ago, and i looked for the best one and bought it on ebay. when it arrived i noticed there was a small dent in one of the corners. i looked at other listings for weeks and it always seems that small or minor damage is always on the consoles. is this actually common? please let me know.
Mine didn't have any dents last time I checked.
@mchart006 i wouldn't really buy anything on eBay, check amazon they can have some really brilliant deals and you can get GameCube games very cheap and in working order. never any trouble.
@mchart006 forgot to say you can get them fixed very easily, I bought an 3DS for 90 euro I had to send it to Nintendo in Britain to get it fixed, including sending it back in the post it cost 80 euro to fix it ( about 70 sterling ) the corner broke off it and the thumbstick was bent, i was looking at my GameCube and I see the part you mention .i think it can be fixed real easily cost maybe 40 euro. they can't fix it over email you have to send it and they will give you a price. you should check with them and see if they can fix it for you.
You can't really fix a dent or chip in the case plastic, short of replacing the housing itself. That's probably what Nintendo did with your 3DS @nescubewii3ds.
Wow game cube is really old. I
Haven’t seen one in quite some time. I used to see old systems sitting at like a goodwill store or something.

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