Growing up (or now if you're me) what NES accessories did you own?


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Jan 29, 2014
We all had a Zapper. So, let's just ignore how great it was at that time period & how, arguably, it might have been one of the best accessories for NES. Currently I have:





I also used to own the Miracle Piano but currently I no longer do & my family cannot enjoy the rockin' chopsticks that sound like a robot throwing up.
Ya know, I never played the NES much at all. So I haven't really seen any of these. It seriously looks like I have some accessories I need to invest in.
to this day, i still talk about my NES advantage. i wish i had one for SSB wii u. did i shoot up aliens in Contra and soldiers in Commando and jets in Captain Skyhawk with that thing. I'm old enough to miss a joystick.

i had the power glove, coolest piece of junk!

i tried the power pad but i was too fat for all that!

this brought me back a bit
The NES Zapper, NES Advantage, and NES Max worked just fine, but Nintendo used to have an issue with having great ideas for accessories that were too ahead of their time for the then current technology to follow through and/or to hit the cultural Zeitgeist full on: The Power Glove, The Power Pad, Konami Laser Scope helmet, The Roll & Rocker, The Knitting Machine, R.O.B., The Virtual Boy (not technically an accessory, but otherwise perfectly fits this list). There was indeed a time when more of their accessories fell into those later categories than the category of fully realized, truly functional accessories. Frankly, I'm surprised that didn't hurt the Nintendo brand more than it did back in the day.

The likes of The Power Glove , R.O.B., The Konami Laser Scope, The Roll & Rocker, and The Virtual Boy were fantastic ideas, but the then current technology wasn't there to execute that idea properly (i.e. The Oculus Rift is what The Virtual Boy should have and could have been, if the technology was available at the time).

The Nintendo Knitting Machine may have seemed rather goofy back then, but imagine if such a product were released in the current climate of ugly Christmas sweater hipster parties and 3D Printers? Clearly another idea ahead of its time!

Fortunately, this isn't a criticism that can be levied at Nintendo in the modern area (at least not to so great of a degree). E.g. Aside from a few issues with straps coming lose, the Nintendo Wii was a fully realized idea that was released at the perfect moment to hit the cultural Zeitgeist full on!

In fact, I feel like the time has arrived for Nintendo to revisit and properly, fully realize some of these ideas. After all, is the Nintendo Wii Fit Pad not what The Roll & Rocker should have been?

In particular, if Nintendo can get over the spectre of The Virtual Boy's failure: I would like to see them return to the virtual reality arena and release a fully released, worthy product to compete against The Oculus Rift!
A lot of what Nintendo has brought to the gaming table has been ahead of its time. Which begs the question: Why haven't they revisited these accessories in today's climate?
That's a good question? I am wondering if I buy these accessories if they will work on my FC Twin. I wouldn't see why not, but there is only one way to find out ^_^
I have to break it to you: I think your FC Twin only has SNES ports for controllers so that's a tough transition. :(
Break it to me! I prefer the truth!!!

Oh well. Maybe I will get to buying an actual NES one day--just not anytime soon. Got too many other upgrades first but I definitely wanna try those accessories :]
Well I always try to keep it realz. It's pretty cheap to pick up a NES at this point. As long as you're not looking for anything fancy. However, I must warn you, it can get quite addictive.
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A re-vamped, fully-and-properly functional Power Glove would be a great optional controller that would work well with Nintendo's Wii & Wii U.

Come to think of it, a pair of re-vamped, fully-and-properly functional Power Gloves would be absolutely perfect controllers for a re-vamped, fully-and-properly functional Virtual Boy! I sincerely believe that such a pairing, if well executed, could compete with and perhaps even overtake the Oculus Rift to dominate the VR market (which could be expanded from a niche market into the next true mainstream gaming frontier)!
Only had the advantage. Otherwise none of the other accessories interested me now to buy them.
Having hands the size of baseball mitts even as a lad, I really enjoyed the Advantage and have owned many through the years. Quality stick, for sure. (Although I've been know to accidentally unscrew the plastic ball head during heated Kabuki Quantum Fighter sessions, heh.)
My best friend always swore by the 'Max', but I could never get down with it. As for dear old R.O.B., yikes - we all had a great laugh when we first saw and tried that thing! ;)

Some of those 'Beeshu' (sp?) pads were quite nice, same goes for the 'Zoomer' joysticks.

Ah, those days.....
I remember a kid in my neighborhood had the NES bundle that came with Mario, Duck Hunt and the zapper and the power pad with some track and field game. The power pad was fun but I remember only being able to use it when his parents weren't home otherwise they'd complain that we were stomping around like a bunch of elephants. To be fair, we probably were. :)
I don't remember if I got the Powerglove before or after seeing the Wizard but I do remember it not living up to the hype I had built up for it in my head. It would be cool to see a newer version come out that was more functional than the original. I didn't have the nes max or advantage but I think I had some third party controller that had auto-fire and that became a game changer for sure since I was never all the great at rapid mashing.
Very true. That power pad was asking for your parents to smack sense into you. Definitely a daytime accessory. I think it was probably compensating for our weight at that time trying to make sure it read our steps by stomping the heck out of that thing.
I remember a kid in my neighborhood had the NES bundle that came with Mario, Duck Hunt and the zapper and the power pad with some track and field game. The power pad was fun but I remember only being able to use it when his parents weren't home otherwise they'd complain that we were stomping around like a bunch of elephants. To be fair, we probably were. :)

Power Pad! We had that problem, growing up in a trailer park had its disadvantages. boomboomboomboom."You kids get outside now!"
Power Glove? "Its sooo bad." << How prophetic, after all. ;)

I have owned a few Power Gloves over the years. I set up the (annoying) censor things, fiddled with the wrist buttons, and did as best I could with Tyson's Punch-Out, but damn that device...ughhh...
Also, it didn't help that every glove I'd find in the wild stunk of aging polyester sweat. :confused:

Regarding 'The Wizard', I was a teenager at that point and found the film terribly corny, heh. You bet your ass I was right there in the theatre to see it, though! I will say this about the flick: During the big competition scene when that obnoxious mc announces "Super____Mario_____Brothers_____THREE!!" and that music came BOOMING in, the whole damned theatre exploded, myself included! :cool:
I have had everything except the Power Glove as i heard it really was not a good accessory but I could be wrong. I do have the rest though. I really enjoyed the Power Pad. I can remember great memories of the Track and field game. I actually still have it in my closet as a matter of fact, along with the zapper.
Game Genies. Booklets full of cheat codes for fun after you beat the game for fun replay value. I had the pad you run on for the track game as well, and the duck-hunt gun because who doesn't want to to shoot fake ducks while a dog laughs at you. Seems legit.
An UNTOUCHABLE dog laughs at you with a fully loaded gun in your hands. Ooo dog...
I could not agree more. That DAMN DOG.


This was also fun:


Oh Powerpad. Sprained Ankles, out of breath, body flinging everywhere.

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