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Sep 27, 2014
I am currently using my Wii for fun(obviously) and also to help me get in shape-- problem is on the days my hubby is home and i am trying to work out-- the music bugs him... my question is can headphones be used with the Wii?
I think that the only way that you would get something like this to work is if you hook your wii up to a surround sound system and then you use your headphones and plug them up to the surround sound system of if your tv is able to do that. I do not know if there is another way that you would be able to do this.
Isn't it easier if he does:

1. Join you and play/get in shape together. This is more fun for both :)


2. He puts on some headphones and listens to his own relaxing music :)
That doesn't sound like a great idea, I mean you would be working out with headphones on your head. Not the most comfortable thing in the world to imagine. So, in addition to what Averus said, you could also get him those construction quality noise cancelling headphones. He may even like them. :D
we actually came up with a better solution than headphones-- we moved the Wii in to the second bedroom where my pc is and hooked it up to the tv in there-- then he doesn't get annoyed by it, and i have more room to move, and i don't whack my had or arm off his pc chair or hit my foot on the couch :)
I do not think that headphones will work with the wii. Besides, if you are playing a game with headphones that requires moving it will be awkward and clunky. You might as well get your husband to join in on the fun with you.

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