I still have my Game Boy Advance


Nov 7, 2012
And it's the original GBA, too. Not the one that folds or has built-in lighting. I still play ruby and sapphire at times when I'm bored, especially if the power is out (but it's still daylight outside). Anyone else still play GBA?
Sadly, I no longer have my GBA as someone so "kindly" stole it. But I do still have the games. And oddly enough, I have the gba player for my gamecube. So if I ever need a gba fix, I can play it on the big screen.
Ah cool. Only thing I hated about the GBA was the lack of the backlight. I did like the design of the original better then the SP though. I still got an SP an a few games for it but not many and I gotta find the console...
We still have some hanging around.

I actually really liked having some of the older models laying around for as the kids grew up. It was nice for them to have something hardy to play with without being worried of brand new Nintendo DSes coming up with cracked screens and whatnot. The old Gameboys are still just as fun.
I agree Jessi. :) I kinda wish I still had my original but I wish it had the backlight. :( I should buy some old GBA classics from ebay.....
I've always collected the Gameboys. We even have a micro! While there just collecting dust not being treated very well they are still a big part of my collection. I remember playing my beloved Pokemon games on them when I was very young, I recently played Wario Land on one and it was very uncomfortable. I'm so much more used to a Ds that when I hold it I have to position my fingers which now feels awkward. If there's one thing for sure about Nintendo it's that it has always been better as a handheld. Hands down.
I definitely play mine from time to time. I love playing the old Pokemon games on there. Always a fun pick-up-and-play kinda deal. That, and Ghosts'n Goblins. I am determined to beat that game once and for all.
When I pick up my GBA, it feels like a piece of my childhood is returning to me. Memories of bad lighting on the GBA, so I would always have to sit somewhere near sunlight or have a lamp nearby when I play at night. I even remember buying the little attachable lamp thing to the GBA so I could play in the dark!
I only play my game boy once in a while and right now I haven't played it in a long time I don't even think it works again tragically. I had some fond times with my Gameboy advance and I would never forget it. I still remember the very moment I got it.
Well, sadly, The LCD on my GBA got shattered. I still have my brother's though, I made sure to bring it with me after a recent move. Now to find some batteries... I hope to continue in Emerald or once more defeat the SA-X In Metroid: Fusion.
I still have an original Purple GBA in really good conditino, still boxed with manuals.
Don't have any games though :(

I do have a clip on magnifier light though because as I'm sure anyone who's ever had one knows, it is completely unplayable in the dark!
The DS actually replaced GBA completely for me. The last GBA hardware I own is a DS Lite.
Been playing some Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.
Oh wow just hearing that name brings me back. That game is a classic, I should totally boot that game back up. I remember playing that forever ago back in like 2003. I wonder if it will still work fine with game boy advance, it hasn't been touched in a couple of years. These posts on the forums make me want to start playing again.

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