I'm still waiting for my Wii U Gamepad to get back from Repair


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Sep 26, 2015
It's been over a week and It's still not fix. I still need to do some more Let's Plays for Order Up! on the Wii U.
Well I am one that tends to worry a little more than normal when it comes to repairs, but over a week is pretty long, especially on something that is not too complex. Maybe they are just backlogged or something, and I guess if they told you it might take awhile it is okay, but if not I would be upset. I hope you get it back soon and in working order.
Well there was only one small problem with it. the right control stick was to sensitive, and when I slightly turn the right control stick to change the camera a little bit it goes 380 degress all around. and it had to be fixed. It was bothering me when I was playing Mine Craft Wii U edition.
Only a week? Repairs sometimes take longer. Thing is you are not getting back the Gamepad you sent in. Just a refurbished one sent to you. So if you had a Zelda one or something may not get that back. Sometimes Nintendo has it done within a week and other times a bit longer. They can get backed up.
I'd be pissed, I want to know why after 1 week they have not got to the repair. I sent my PS3 to colorware and they sent it back almost 2 months later, I was super pissed, but had a smile on my face when I opened the package.

Sometimes these companies just expect you to not care because it's going to be fixed anyway, they just want the money but want to offer poor service.
^ Well no. Colorware is a custom paint company and they get a lot of business. Custom jobs do take time,they have to take the system apart and professional paint work does take time . They also have to serve as as they come. Nintendo is pretty good but they work like anyone in these kinds of things. They take them as they get them and "fix" accordingly. You send in your console or controller and they send you a different one that was repaired earlier. It saves on time and cost. I have had to send in a few things over the years to SEGA,Nintendo and Sony. Times varied. Nothing outrageous tho.
I don't have a warranty at Nintendo for the Gampad. So I sent it to a local video game store that had it fixed. It's the same gamepad.
Well then. You maybe in more trouble. I sent my Wii in for repair to a local place and took over a month. Call em daily or just go down there.
I got my Gamepad back today. in fully working order.

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