Indie games you'd like to see on the 3DS?


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Feb 19, 2016
Nintendo DS
Thanks largely to Steam there's been an amazing number of awesome indie games flooding the internet of late, and there are lots of 'em that I think would go great on a handheld. Are there any you'd like to see available for download on the 3DS?

I'd like to see Undertale, personally. The save file shenanigans aside, I think playing that game with a Stylus would be great fun.
I would love to have Rust on 3ds. I think the chances of that are absolutely zero but hey, its fun to dream right?
I'm a big fan of japanese horror indie games so I wouldn't mind some to be portable. Mostly a remake of Ib or The Witch's House, like they did with Corpse Party. I agree with the Undertale suggestion though, it's a great game!
There's a game called They Bleed Pixels, I haven't played it a whole lot but it seems pretty cool in gameplay. It's a difficult platforming game with cool art and animation.

Warning, if you do look it up, know that it contains a lot of blood. As much as a M-rated game. For that reason, it probably won't come to 3DS :(.
Not necessarily. I'm a big fan of Corpse Part and it is also a game with tons of blood, torture and death, and it came out to the 3DS after the PSP and PSVita. And it started as an indie game. So there's hope ;)

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