Is This Place Still Alive?


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Feb 15, 2024
Hey all. I wanted to try some nintendo focused forums, but sadly a lot of them seem to be dead. This place has some activity but idk....what do you guys think?
hang out with us! I've been here a long time, and lots of folks have moved on but that's natural. I check in as often as i can.
I try to check in, every week! I don't usually have good ideas for new threads, but I try to comment, where I can. I guess the old internet is about dead. I don't much like the new, corporate one. I'm not even on Facebook or Tikkity Tok. I miss this.
@Chanamasalex, Hi again =)

Yeah it's a shame that forums aren't a big thing anymore, though I wouldn't say they're completely dead.

The reason I've been trying to use them more recently is...

1. Modern social media is more about triggering you and getting more engagement out of you, than providing good content. As someone who struggles with this, it's in my best interests to avoid that content. I've frequently noticed the likes of reddit, youtube, obviously twitter, all try to feed you content that they predict will upset you.

2. Modern social media has far too much censorship. Not even talking political, it feels like you can't find dissenting opinions about things anymore either. It's the majority view or nothing.

For example, I'm a huge fire emblem fan and I didn't buy fire emblem engage because I thought it looked crap. But unfortunately I could barely find any negative videos on the game, despite said game selling far worse than the previous game and said game's characters not even winning the Heores cyl vote.

There ARE negative videos, but from the many I've watched they also make tons of excuses for the developers instead of truly calling them out.

This is my favorite video I've found so far.
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@Chanamasalex, I get that it's much easier to have all your forums in one place like discord and reddit, but the unintended consequence is it gives those few platforms a monopoly because once everyone is already there and the forums are all dead, they have no competition.
@dustinb12, I still use some of them, though I'm more careful now not to fall into the traps of them trying to trigger me. I block all political and crisis news related videos.

I'd love to see an actual youtube competitor that is not so heavy on censorship, but ah well.....

The forums here still hold value to me because it's extra social interaction.
Alive and planning upgrades!

The web and social media are going through radical transformations. We have survived several of them in the last 12 years and plan to stay online for a very long time.

Good to have you here

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