just my hopes and dream for the next-gen Nintendo console


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Oct 27, 2021
my hopes and dreams for the next-gen nintendo console

this is only my hopes and dreams, nothing in this post is confirmed to happen for the next-gen nintendo console

firstly i would wanna dig into the game/app line up:

Rec Room
A Cool Math Games Client
GTA 1/2/4/5/
Every COD Game
A Gamejolt Client
A Itch.io Client
OldSchool Runescape
Crab Game
A Discord/Guilded Client
A Google Play Store Games Client
tomodachi life 2
the wiiware top hits pack (more info later in the post)
nintendo planet online (more info later in the post)
Internet Web Browser (more info later in the post)

next i wanna get into the vitrual console:
Vitrual Boy
Nintendo 64

Then i wanna get into the backward compatability:
Wii U (with support for the old gamepad and a new gamepad specificly for the next-gen console)

Nintendo Switch

3ds/ds (with its own controller that would work well with the DS/3ds games)

Wii (with support for the old controllers/sensor bar and a new one that would work specificly for the next gen console)

Gamecube (with support for the old controllers and a new one that would work specificly for the next gen console, and then a vitrual memory card that is on the system memory and can be expanded using a SD Card/EX USB Hard Drive)

Next I Wanna See Something Like Streetpass/Spotpass On The 3DS But Called Something Different

Next i would wanna see some sort of party chat intergration with support for both text and voice chat using the discord/guilded client i spoke of earlier

next i wanna see unlockable achievements from completeing in-game tasks and such

then i wanna see instead of friend codes we all get to pick a unique username

then i want the console to have a built-in microphone like on the wii u/3ds/ps5

built-in speakers on the controller that can play music and such

support for bluetooth headphones

with all that out of the way i did wanna go into detail about what i mean by "nintendo planet online" and "the wiiware top hits pack"

nintendo planet online is a free-to-play social mmorpg game where you can morph into your favorite nintendo characters, build custom worlds, and roleplay in these worlds as your favorite nintendo characters (like a mix of roblox, rec room and VR Chat All In One)

and the wiiware top hits pack being a collection of these wiiware games that havent been ported to other consoles yet which include but not limited too:
Too Fast 4 Gnomz
A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots
Darts Rage
Chick Chick Boom
Aya And The Cube Of Lights
Grill-Off with Ultra Hand!
Lilt Line

and then i would like to see all the wii u and 3ds digital eshop exclsuives downloadable on the new console

and then put a camera that can take pictures directly into the controlers

and i would love to see something like miiverse but called something different

then for the web browser all i want is support for flash emulation, videoplayback support, and the ability to download extensions for the web browser from the next-gen console nintendo e-shop

and then i want the eshop to have a catchy tune/soundtrack to it
I also think backwards compatibility would be a very good and smart addition to Nintendo's next system. Personally I still have tons of fun on the Switch, I'm quite happy with it still but the "Switch 2" could bring a lot of new features and exciting additions that the current gen console doesn't have. I've invested in a lot of physical copies of Nintendo Switch games so it would be nice if the next console will let me play those games. Assuming that the next system is designed with a cartridge in mind, I think it will be quite possible that it will be capable of playing Switch games. At least, that's what I'm hoping for anyway.

Everything else you mentioned sounds great, too! More customizable themes for the home menu is something that was anticipated for the Switch but never happened sadly. Maybe that's something they will add for the upcoming console?

Also, I love the idea of bringing Miiverse back but something a little different. I had lots of fun on that site as a kid so I'd love to see it brought back in a slightly altered form, maybe with some improvements and tweaks made. And Tomodachi Life 2? Heck yeah! One of my favorites on the 3DS.

Many things are left up to speculation for now, I think you have a lot of good ideas and hopefully we will see some of them become a reality soon enough!

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