Just purchased New 3DS. Could you guys point out some great games to buy?


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May 23, 2017
Hello! I recently got back into gaming after purchasing the switch and I just bought a New 3DS only because I found a really great deal. I'm really excited to play with this system (The last DS I owned was a DSi) and I would like some game suggestions if anyone has them. I know the DS has a HUGE library of games and so I am a little overwhelmed. I already plan on getting the main games like pokemon, zelda, ect but I wanted some suggestions for underrated or less known games. Some of my favorites games were metroid zero mission (really enjoyed upgrading, exploring 2d platformer), Professor Layton, and 999. I like rpgs, platformers, and strategy games. Thanks in advanced!
Kirby Triple Deluxe, A Link Between Worlds, BoxBoxBoy (I think there's a bundle out now?)
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well, you cannot go wrong. I love Super Mario 3d Land. Luigi's Mansion is an awesome underrated title. Bravely Default is a great traditional rpg. As for monster collecting, I'm a Yokai Watch fan. You said you have plans to get the Zelda's. MM3d really stood out, but they are all great. I recently played Kirby Robobot and LOVED it. Animal Crossing,if that's your thing, is very relaxing.

Now, if i had to suggest only one title: My all time favorite 3ds game, and possibly (30 years of gaming) fav all time title is Fantasy Life. It's a real time rpg/creation game. In other words, you have many classes to master, and each one feeds into another. You can be a cook, because you will need food for the field. Blacksmith so you can make armor out of the things you found as a Minor, so on. If you don't mind cute, laid back stories, i highly suggest you give the trailer a glance. It blew me away, and i really didn't think id like it. I put in 162 hours.

Let us know what you decide to try out!
Buy SmileBASIC. Really easy to use and a lot of cool projects by other people out there.

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