Kingdom Hearts 3 for Wii U


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Oct 12, 2013
(This is old news for most but I have a question) I read this article just now and it states that another news media threw out false information or caused the DX11 blow out thing that everyone was ranting about a few months ago. It turns out that the KH game director didnt even mention Wii U and that he only stated this:

“Whichever consoles that handle that tool can be used to port the game, so we just care about the specification of each hardwares, and we hope that they would maintain the original high qualtiy of the game we are making when it’s ported to the consoles.”
However doesnt the PS4 use OpenGL not DirectX or does it in fact use DirectX? Does the Wii U also use DirectX, and if so what version? I am just stuck with deciding whether to get a PS4 or Wii U. Do you guys think the Wii U would have a good chance of getting a port or no because KH3 is already confirmed for PS4 and Xbox?

Side-Note: I personally think KH sales for Xbox will be horrible, I would believe that the majority of xbox players havent even heard of Kingdom Hearts.
I feel the Xbox sales may be higher than one would think. I am disappointed the Kingdom Hearts 3 will not be on Wii-U as well, but at the same time there are other factors to consider:

1: The game play- as noticed in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, there were not enough buttons to have the item and magic menus, to a single button for easy access. None of the Wii controllers would allow adequate game play for these features.

2: Kingdom Hearts originated on Playstation 2, so the Playstation console should remain a factor.

3: Final Fantasy games are most popular on Playstation and Xbox, the Nintendo games did not compare (not saying it is a bad thing, some games are simply better on other systems) and Final Fantasy fans were drawn to Kingdom Hearts more so than Disney fans.

4: There were lots of complaints and unhappy fans with the Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories and Dream Drop Distance for DS. Many refused to play it and/or were upset with the purchase.

There are other contributing factors, but these are the ones I have noted the most while waiting on news of Kingdom Hearts 3 official English release date. I am not obliged to upgrading to PS4 over the Wii-U, simply because I have a feeling that Nintendo is working on something spectacular. Besides, you do not keep the GameCube feature for your Wii-U, and the only reason I have seen others upgrade is for the HDMI and new games.
I wouldn't mind seeing some kind of KH game on the Wii U and make use of the large touch pad for maybe like some kind of special moves or item gathering. Or better yet the gummy space ship battles.

But I doubt we will ever see any KH games on the Wii U, maybe the NX.
I agree with @pandabear1991 about Kingdom Hearts 3 not being able to be for the Wii U. I think the biggest factor out of her list is that the Wii U would be unable to support the game with its controllers. In comparison to the Playstations, there are not a lot of buttons to choose from and it would just be extremely hectic to figure out how to do so. I would not be surprised, however, if they did Kingdom Hearts 3.5 or 4 for the Nintendo NX and be able to adapt the console for games such as that. But the Wii U wouldn't be able to work at all.

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