List of Game Boy Advance Accessories


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Jan 20, 2014
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Game Boy Advanced was loved by many upon its arrival. It felt like a great step up from its previous versions, the GameBoy, and the Gameboy Color. However, with every GBA comes GBA accessories that makes the gaming experience far more enjoyable.

My number one, highly recommend accessory would be a Screen Light. Since the screen doesn't light up and it is often hard to actually see the game you are playing it is by far the most convenient accessories to get. My favorite screen light today is the Worm Light. They are generally fairly cheap, and do everything you need it to do. Just be careful where you buy it from - if you buy it online make sure the seller has some good ratings, otherwise you could end up with a dim light that burns out within a week.

The second accessory I find to be very useful is the AC adapter. If you are like me and go through batteries fairly quickly, and it isn't exactly a number one bought item in your household than this will be the best thing you ever get. It will allow you to play the GBA virtually endlessly due to it's ability to plug into an outlet, over using batteries. The only downside is for those of you who are often on the go, since it requires an outlet of some sort to work, it is best used for people that spend a lot of time playing the GBA from home.

My last and final must have accessory would be headphones. I know that sounds silly at first, why headphones? Well, one it allows the person to enjoy the sound no matter where they are at - especially while in a crowded place like school, or waiting at the DMV. It also make it easy to drown out other sounds giving you an overall better gaming experience.

Anyone else have recommendations for must have accessories?
I'd include the radio adapter. Although a total drain on your battery, it was a great way to listen to the songs that you liked while playing your game, without lugging around a bulky CD-player. I'm also pretty sure that I discovered some radio stations that I still listen to today because of that little accessory too!

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