loosing interest in my switch console help


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Nov 3, 2021
Nintendo 64
first off sorry if this post isnt allowed on here i didnt know where else to post it

so i recently bought a switch animal crossing console this past friday. so i have only had the switch about 5 days or so. bought it through walmarts affirm credit program if it matters. so after having the switch for a few days honestly as cool as the system is im not interested in it i mean it just sits in the dock collecting dust. some would say i have buyers remorse and maybe you are right. ever since i bought the console i have felt guilty depressed i cant explain it i feel like i should not have bought it, so i tried it out for a few days and i feel like im never gonna use it/play it maybe i bought it just to buy something idk

i guess what im asking this group is have you ever bought a video game or video game console and felt bad assuming you couldnt return it how did you deal with it? how did you come to terms with it honestly im wishing i never bought it i know ill never play it hell i dont even play my PS4 anymore please offer advice and input on what my options are i feel so bad so empty i cant explain how i feel

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