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Mar 14, 2016
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Anyone know anything about minecraft 3ds edition? It seems likely to me that this will eventually happen. Microsoft and nintendo for a while have not partnered, even when they probably should have. They finally did it and released minecraft Wii U edition. I would love this game on 3ds, or mobile at all, and i dont have a phone so i cant play pocket edition. I would say that when it does come out (if it does) it will follow pocket edition updates. I only play minecraft for redstone, so this would be sad, but it would still give ME as an individual hope for a more portable way to expand my creativity. I have battleminer and cube creator for 3ds, but they just aren't cutting it. I have done some cool things in creative mode, including making a giant, red, gba sp in cube creator. It still just does not suit my wants. If anyone knows anything about the release of this game, just post down and let me know.
Well i find it unlikely tbh. 3ds is pretty old not not sure if Mojang would bother. Even then didn't Notch or someone say the 3DS was trash and could never run it or something? (Which i find unlikely if it can run Terraria but whatever.)
You see jack, that happened to me to in the online world. Then I stopped playing for months. Then I found a whole new world where i didnt have to get trolled every 10 minutes. I took up redstone as a hobby. Just wish I could take that hobby with me.
Honestly, Notch keeps updating the XBOX 360 version so I don't see why he wouldn't do it if Nintendo made it worth his while. That all depends on if the NX is going to be a legit handheld system as well though too. Gotta give it some time.
He did say that the 3ds system was crap and that even if it did get a copy of minecraft it would probobly just be pocket edition graphics. He said theres no way they can get 60fps into that.
The ipad has an edition, lol, I'm sure we could work something out if we wanted to.

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