Multiple Questions on Nintendo Switch Shipping (Save data mainly)


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Jun 22, 2018
So I sent my Nintendo Switch to this address for repair: "EAST SYRACUSE NY US, 13057". I sent it to the UPS on Monday, June 18th, 2018. It is now June 22nd, 2018. The package has been "DELIVERED" according to UPS online tracking. However, this was on June 21st, 2018, one day ago. It's not updated since. So, I go to the Nintendo Online Repair to check my status there, and it's still on the first column of "Due In." I read on the official site that it would take 2 days to change columns (or go to the "received" column). However, they said that they only update it every "weekday morning." Here, right under "Understanding your repair status":

So, my first question is:

1. Does this affect when my System will go into the repair process? So, since tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday, a none weekday, will the workers just do nothing with my Switch? I'd greatly appreciate a solid answer.

Now on to what I really want to know.

My Nintendo Switch stopped charging for some reason. I'm assuming it has to do with the dock breaking it, idk. So I just assumed that it was the charger, and so I got another charger that wasn't from Nintendo. It worked, but extremely slowly. It would take about 24 hours for it to charge to 100%. But that's not the only thing. My Switch, for some reason, battery starting going down faster than usual. Here's some perspective: One Splatoon 2 match = about 8% battery drained away. Splatoon 2 matches, at the longest, last 5 minutes (and sometimes a little longer). That's almost 2% battery gone every minute! I know the battery on the system doesn't last to long, but that's insane! So, I use the none Nintendo charger for about 2 weeks, and said to myself, "I'll just use this until I'm able to transfer my saves to another system."

Yes, It would've worked like that, but, I was an idiot. and from a random match in Splatoon 2, in a fit of rage of me losing a match, I pull out the charger a little to hard, and switch wouldn't charge. I didn't even know I could've got another Switch and transferred my save data to that. But, because I broke my charger (which is required to transfer that data) yeah...I'm dumb. I thought it was the charger that I broke, so I called Nintendo and set up a repair, telling them it was on 22% and it wouldn't charge. However, after getting my shipping label, out of curiosity on if my Switch would charge again, I plug in the charger, and now it's hard to plug in. The charging port inside the System was broke.

Before I sent it however, I got an urge to play Splatoon 2 again and played one match. After that one match, my battery was at 14% (and that's currently what it was at when I shipped it). So as you can see, there was the original broken Nintendo charger that wont charge my Switch, and now NO charger will charge my Switch. So, here are my questions:

1. Does my Switch being on 14% instead of 22% affect anything? Since it's a little bit of false information, will they send it back?

2. I don't have a microSD card inside the system, so does that mean they won't be able to transfer my saves?

3. They probably can't fix my system, so I just wanna know if they'll be able to transfer my saves with a broken charging port and the system being on 14%?

And that's it. Thanks for all the feedback!
hmmm, wow i really hate to hear all of that. Sounds like you got a dud. The ONLY problems ive had so far is during a long game of Monopoly (docked, playing on tv), and having the fancy usb charger that charges 4 cons at once plugged in to the dock, the Switch got really hot. Scary hot. So i don't charge my cons while playing anymore.

This is the first ive heard of these kind of problems. Please let us know how this turns out.

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