Namco games on 3ds


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Jul 15, 2014
Game Boy Advance SP
i would love to see pac man, ms pac man or even dig dug on the 3ds shop or wii u eshop who else?
I have many different versions of each of those games, so it wouldn't matter much to me, either way.
I don't really care about those games only cause they tend to now be too repetitive. I think 3DS is doing fine with games and instead of trying to get Namco to give us Pacman, just get to work and give me my next Fire Emblem game.
I agree it would be nice, but to be honest I beat them all when I was a kid and since then got them on several more platforms all the way to tv plug and play.
i have to say, i live near a Pizza joint that has a cabinet of "classic games", and i was very fired up to play Ms. Pacman, on an arcade. and not to brag, but i did get my quarter's worth. having said that, when Dig Dug came available on the wii VC for 4.99, if memory serves me right, i did NOT buy it. that was a little steep for Dig Dug. i had Namco Museum for the ps2, and really didn't play it much due to no Ms. Pacman, amongst other things. If the price would be right for a digital download i might go for it.

now back to this cabinet: man i was in heaven! Dig Dug, both Pacmans, Donkey Kong Jr., Joust....

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