Narc, original nes


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64

NARC, was a sidescoller shoot-em-up action that really had no conclusive plot but really was a Streets-of-Rage type of prototype, and it had plenty of fun being able to be played two players ( I played with my brother)

Anyone else play this good gem?
Yep, absolutely. I currently still own it.

I think there's a decent plot to the game: Nancy Reagan decides drugs are bad & makes a game where bullets slowly approach you from the guns of guys that look like child molesters but really only sell drugs in large Ziploc bags who, on the side of course, train rottweilers to attack cops in weird futuristic helmets. Oh, I forgot to mention, in this version of Reagan America you MUST take those rotten drug dealers money. Also, does anyone else want to try what they're selling because I saw their lab & I am SO interested.
I choked on my drink XD. I always wondered what that was about to.

That was a pretty apt explanation. But the game play was fun back in the day for allowing multiple players and the NES is where I grew up, so even if the game wasn't as hailed or known as some, I found it in my game library all the same. And I never got rid of it.
My best friend had this game and I remember spending hours at his house playing it. Looking back, I'm not really sure how NARC ever found its way onto the supposedly family friendly NES because there is a ton of violence but I guess if you justify it by saying- it's ok because you are shooting drug dealers then that makes everything ok. The gameplay was really simple to pick up and I remember beating it without much difficulty but it was still one of those games that was fun to go back and replay from time to time. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the car. That was one sweet ride.
Hell ya, that Car was like KITT from Knightrider. That type of badass. Too bad a lot of the time the cars ended up totaled.
I remember that game. People use to line up to play it in the arcades. But you could really see the limitations of the NES if you pit it side by side.
I remember what a smash hit this game was in the arcades. It was placed next to the Gauntlet cabinet in my local arcade and there was always a large and rowdy crowd waiting to play either game. Narc also spawned off a few copycats, I also owned Crime Wave by Access Software on the PC which was a cheesier and slower moving game. It's a pity we don't see more games like Narc nowadays.:(

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