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Sep 19, 2012
Is anyone using Netflix on Wii U here on any sort of regular basis? How does it compare to Netflix on other platforms, especially the other game consoles? Is the interface speedy, well designed?

I've been mostly using Netflix through Chromecast lately, but I don't like controlling it with my phone. Rewinding/fast forwarding especially is a pain in the neck, because you have to turn on the phone, switch apps, etc, just to enter a simple command.
As someone who's used Netflix on both Wii U and PC extensively, I prefer the Wii U. In terms of video quality, there's no difference (though the lack of an ethernet port may be damaging, depending on your connection), and I think the interface is better on Wii U.

When I watch Netflix on my laptop, I still have it hooked up to the TV, which means I can't control it from the couch. The Gamepad means everything can be controlled without getting up, and it's pretty precise too.
I solely use Netflix on my Wii U. I don't use it on any other platform. Not my PC, tablet, TV, Bluray player, 360, Wii, 3DS, etc.etc.. Nothing else. I used to use it on my 3DS, when I traveled, and didn't bring anything else with me. Well, I still do, but not nearly as much, as I have a lot of games I still need to beat on it. But, anyways, yeah, I love Netflix on my tv. I love the fact that I can watch Netflix on my Gamepad or tv as well. I can lay in bed at night and watch Netflix on my Gamepad while watching something else on tv. Or, I can sit at my desk and have Netflix on my Gamepad while I browse on my computer, with my tv on. (I like to multitask, I don't know why, but I do). But, when I binge watch Netflix on tv, like if I'm watching through episodes of a tv show, I can sit comfortably on my couch, and watch the show on my tv, and then control everything from my Gamepad. Or, while on the couch, if I'm watching a movie, I can be cycling through other movies to watch while the first movie is playing, and pick what I want to watch next before the first movie ends, so that when it ends, boom, I can just go straight to the next movie, without wasting time between movies trying to figure out what to watch next.

So yeah, the Wii U is basically the only way I go now, when it comes to Netflix. I may watch it on the 3DS, if I travel, and it's the only device I have with me. Tho, that's just not the same. However, when I finally have my 3DS-XL soon, that should look/feel better, when on the go. But yeah, I don't use Netflix on the PC or any other device. Wii U all the way, for me.
I mainly use my wii u for Netflix and I must say that the experience has been good so far. I prefer to use my netflix more on. The wii u the. I like to use it on my PC.
I use Netflix on a Smart TV, a laptop, a tablet, Wii U, X360 and PS3.

The worst are, hands down, Smart TV and Wii U. Actually, my only complaint - but in my specific case it's a big one - is that the Wii U doesn't respect the option to make "profiles" for your Netflix account.
This means if you share an account as a family, you cannot access your previously-watched items (and that makes it hard to follow a series, for example), your ratings, your recommendations, your lists, etc...
I've read that they're working on fixing this issue, and once it's resolved it's actually going to be a pretty solid platform for Netflix, 'cause everything else was pretty decent.

By contrast, Netflix on a computer is excellent because you're not confined to the 50 or so items showed by category or by the sub-categories that Netflix feels like displaying based on what you've watched, but instead you have true freedom to browse any and all sub-categories and see everything listed within. However, I find the interface more problematic.
As far as interface, it's between the X360 and PS3 for me, but even then I lean towards the PS3. Much more comfortable to use the BD remote than the 360's controller and less of a hassle if you ever lose connection for a minute to start watching again.
I really gave up on this after trying it a little bit. The problem is is that there are just so many options for it, and even now as I look around the room I have at least four devices that I can hook up and get Netflix on. In that case, then, it is just not convenient for me so it is really not worth. I can see where it could be though, so it is just a to each their own sort of thing in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.
I haven't but if someone gave me some insight I might try it. I watch netflix all the time so it might be kind of cool to try it on the Wii U. Reading the above comments though I'm not so sure. Anyone had any luck?
Same here, I don't like using Netflix with many devices I have. I don't use it with any gaming consoles because I hate using my controller. When I got my first PS3 I hated filtering Netflix with it, it pissed me off.

I never used it on the Wii U, my nephew doesn't do it because he doesn't like surfing around on it, and how doing it takes to look for episodes for shows he wants to watch when he can just use the remote.
I use it on Roku only. Consoles suck balls for this kinda stuff.

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