Nintendo 64 no signal with composite


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Jun 10, 2022
Nintendo 64
Hello everybody,

Recently I bought a Nintendo 64 to relive some childhood memory’s.
I totally love it and know also bought an expansion pak and more games, and even an older CRT TV because I heard that it’s better / sharper then the new big Full HD smart TV’s, and it clearly is.

Now do I have a problem. Whenever I use the composite cable’s (red, white, yellow) and I put the TV on AV1 or AV2 or something I have no image, sound or signal?

but when I plug the composite cables in a scart adapter and then into the scart, it works on AV1.

normally not a problem, but I just got a S-video cable (red, white, yellow and black s video) because quality should be a little bit better so I wanted to test it.

but whenever I just use composite, I get no signal.

when I put the yellow, red and white in the scart with the adapter and the S-video in S-video, it works.
But I think it’s not S-video then? Because I heard you don’t need to put in the yellow one? And it probably goes over another channel then?

btw i tryd 3 different composite / multi out cables, so directly plugging them in without scart adapter doesnt seem to work.

what do I do wrong?
Is AV channel the wrong input to put the TV on or?

the TV is from a dutch brand ‘time’ (probably back in the day already cheap).
It has composite at the front and at the back, tryd boft.

i hope somebody knows the answer to fix this


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