Nurse Joy's Untold Story


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When young nurse joy first starting dreaming of becoming a pokemon trainer she told her self she would work at a pokemon center after become a pokemon master. at the young age of 10 shortly after she began her pokemon journey; Giovanni got a hold of the legendary pokemon Mew. Countless Tests and tons of research and terrible treatment of the citizens in Kanto changed the course of trainer Joy's dream.

Team Rocket Kidnapped young Joy while on her pokemon journey. She was run test on, and after scientist identified a similar DNA trait to Mew, things for Joy got worse. She had gone through countless blood tests she was practically a medical genius by the age of 20. Using Joys DNA, Team Rocket was finally able to synthetically create a mew embryo. Giovanni downloaded his personalilty into Mew senses, thus causing mew to undergo changes.

The newly cloned mew would soon turn into the legendary pokemon we now know as Mewtwo. By now Joy had become chief Scientist and top medical nurse on team rocket. The night before Mewtwo was release Nurse Joys Brain functions where nureologically linked with mewtwo. Causing Mewtwo react to such a geniuses mind. Waking him and making him go on a rampage. Nurse Joy was knocked Unconcious and diagnosed with Robotic Functionality disorder, making her act highly mechanical. This new disease was also a blessing to Joy who became Head Nurse a the Cerulian City PokémonCenter.

After Mewtwos Escape Giovanni had become even more desperate and impatient. Taking Nurse Joy prisoner for a second time. And doing even more deadly proceedures and tests on her. Not even a years time after her imprisonment Giovanni along with Team Rocket had Created 56 Nurse Joy Clones....12 of which died. The Original Joy the young girl from Cerulian City who had a pokemon dream to become Pokémon Center Nurse and Master Trainer died from just 2 additional hazardous tests where run.

However, this event mattered little to Giovanni who now had more than enough nurse joys to create an army of mewtwo. Tracking down mew now became Giovanni's sole reason for living and controlled every aspect of his existence. Giovanni became even more crazy, and now became putting himself thru Frankenstien like research. Cloning a dozen of himself he uploaded the brain functions of mew into his Cerebral and was instantly able to hon in on mew's exact location. After mews 2nd capture Giovanni put him self in the same procedure nurse joy had died from. But before the procedure could be complete Mewtwo broke into team rockets HQ and destroyed the lab, freeing mew and killing Giovanni.

Alas the cycle continues. Giovanni's ambition ever looming over the pokemon world for all eternity.

As young Joy II takes her first steps into Professor Oaks Lab to claim her Starter Pokémon.
And for young Joy II she has a secret to keep to herself that may help make her excel to Pokémon master. The secret only known to the 2nd cloned Nurse Joy and her daughter JoyII is that every Chancey in all pokemon guard a very important close kept secret legendary pokemon in one of the chanceys eggs contains (mew) who sleeps in a egg hoping to protect kanto 'her home'. Also an Omminous Presence patiently keeps watch giving it the chance to intervene with mews capture at all costs. Who knows how this will effect the future of Kanto and the entire Pokémon Universe.

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